Friday, July 29, 2011

What are your Friday night plans?

Oh, you know. Hanging out in a doorway waiting for the torrential downpour to stop. Don't be jelly.

Outdoor concerts are overrated anyway. Boo.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Funny stuff.

In case you didn't already know, I think I am seriously the funniest thing ever. When I get bored, I spend my time thinking of things that will make me laugh and how to go about executing them. Do other people think I'm that funny? Probably not. Do I really care? Nope. Not really. In fact, the less they laugh and the more they think I'm crazy, the funnier I think I am.
That might be a problem? Anyway..
Moving on.

Remember this? Well, I also bought Father's Day cards (because I'm good at forgetting) for my dad and brother and a graduation card for my sister. I could not post this because Father's Day was a month away and I did not want to ruin the surprise (not that my family reads this, but just in case). Me, being the ADD child that I am forgot to post this at a reasonable time and since it still makes me laugh, I wanted to share. 

For the record, we do not speak Spanish and my sister graduated from college.

It's ok if you don't think it's funny. It still cracks my shit up.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Seattle RnR Recap (yes. finally.)

It's been a minute, but please feel free to enjoy the Race Recap via pictures.

Waiting for the shuttles to take us to the start. 
The starting line.
This time, I knew better. This time, I jumped out of the corrals to pee when I had to (I was even in a port-a-potty line when the race started- did I care? No. I knew I wouldn't cross the start for an hour after) and I decided to jump ahead a corral (shhhh. Don't tell anyone).

 Rocker Man!
He was in the race early. I don't even think it was a mile in. I was hoping he would be later in the race for motivation, but I don't think there was a better place after this. And little did I know, I wouldn't really need that much motivation.

 The Lightrail.
So much prettier than the New York Subway.

 Mile Something.
I fell in love with this neighborhood that circled the lake we ran the majority of the race around.
I decided when I move there, this is the neighborhood I want to live in.

The gorgeous lake.
I will admit, this lake made the race that much more enjoyable. Breathtaking.
Around mile 6, I over heard someone say "We're about an hour in. We're making good time."
Previous to this, I was just running to run and enjoying the hell out of the cool weather. Then my mind started doing the math. If I pushed- just a little- I could PR. But don't get crazy. I was really enjoying the run, I didn't want something silly like a time ruin the enjoyment.
 So on I went.. . . 

Run to Remember Mile.
I lost it at this point. There were signs along the road with soldiers who had died at war. I was reading all of them and once I looked up and saw the flags lining the road, that was it. It was a very powerful moment and I'm glad I got to experience it.

The tunnel.
I will admit, from reading past race recaps, I was looking forward to running in this. Within 2 minutes, I was over it. Hot, dark and loud. I almost lost the amazing mindset I was in.

"The light at the end of the tunnel." Literally.

Almost to the finish!
I was really sad when it was over. I wasn't ready for it to be. I was having too much fun.
But the good news?!

I PR'D!! Hey. 3 seconds are 3 seconds.

After party with Everclear. Amazing.

Thank you, Seattle. You are my new favorite!!!

And for more of your enjoyment, around 6:45am on the way to the race, I decided it would be fun to document some of the things that come out of my BFF's mouth. These are just a few of the jewels I was able to jot down. I assure you, there were tons more.

"I have more Vaseline on my body than any grown man should."- This is a classic that must be said before every race.

"My bottle of multi vitamins is so large the next time I need to buy some I will need the silver." - said while in Target

"You know how some people are afraid of clowns? Thats how I feel about drag queens." -randomly on the bus to the start.

"If I'm alive"- Fred about finishing the race.
"If not I will drag your body to the car." me
"Please take the elevator not the stairs."

We think we're funny. 

It's only 9:25AM.

Satan called.
He wants his weather back.
(but I guess this is quite appropriate considering my life has gone to hell this month)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Even July thought it was too hot to stick around.

Serious dilemma:
I just realized the Providence Half is 2 weekends away. 
My training for the month of July thus far? A 3 mile walk and a slow 6 mile run. 
My running shorts see more action from sleeping in them than anything else. My running shoes are only used to run from gate to gate in the airport- which by the way, why haven't I been wearing tennis shoes to travel before now? Yes, they are a little bit of a bitch to get on and off, but when my connecting flight is 2 terminals away, I am not afraid to run for it. Then again, this is pretty much the first time in my life I'm wearing shoes I have to tie. Yes, I have come to terms with the fact that I am a princess. Get over it. But I digress. The point is I haven't been training. 

And let's not even talk about the nutrition. I don't think there is any in New Orleans style food. And sweet tea does not double as hydration.

In case you were wondering, that's where I have been jetsetting back and forth from for the duration of the  month of July- give or take a handful of days. Why? I had a family emergency that I don't feel like talking about (and I don't think has hit me yet) and I had a vacation planned previous to that. I'm so just ready for my life to get back to normal. . Or whatever is as close to it as possible. More running outside and sleeping in. That's all I ask.

I think I need to give up on the minimalist running movement. For now at least. My legs really hurt and I don't know when that will stop. Foam rolling and stretching seem to only be a temporary fix. I decided I wanted to do it so I would be less prone to injury but clearly I've been too lazy to stick with working on my form and whatnot, and I'm injuring myself worse (I think). If anyone has any tips, that would rock. For now I need to go get another pair of Defyance 4s so I can break them in and rock RI. 

On another note? Today makes 3 months of being smoke free, what what!! My co-worker and I went to Lululemon at lunch so we could get my celebratory headband. I made the mistake of trying their running clothes on. I knew better but I had to. I tested the theory that their pants make anyone's ass look amazing and it's true. Dammit. Now I have to have them in my life. I will come up with my bankrobbing scheme after work.

And before you decide to take away my blogger card, I give you a self portrait.
I couldn't even zip it last year.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Too much life. Not enough time.

One day, I'm going to get around to telling you properly how amazing Seattle was. It's not my fault. The universe keeps tripping me up with seriously messed up curveballs.
Until then. Please look at some pictures. This is my collection of a few of the sculptures I liked.

Rusty, the horse. Yea. I named him.

After race delirium as we walked (and I use that word extremely loosely) back to the car.

From the front.

Trying to get out before Fred got a "from behind" pic.

Technically a functioning sculpture.

Dance steps.