Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Volunteer= another word for an injured runner.

I dislike being injured. When my coach told me that's what I was and we were going to walk this weekend, I did not believe her and was not a happy camper. She was right, though. My hip flexor is still upset with me for last Sunday's half marathon. I just hope it gets over it very quickly. I have a calendar full. It needs to get with the program.

That was also the first time I did any physical activity since the race. I took the entire week off. I don't know how I managed. I was so bored. By Tuesday, I was itching to go to practice, but seeing as it was the first day I could walk without a fancy stagger or limp, I thought better of it and waited until the weekend.

There was a 4 mile race and a 15K on Sunday that I really wanted to sign up for. I think the Universe knew better. They were both full, so I volunteered. (In order to have automatic entry into the NYC Marathon, you have to be a member of NYRR by January -check–, run 9 of their events in a year- 7 more!-, and volunteer to work one of their races- check. Not saying I will actually decide to run the NYC Marathon, but it's better to be safe than sorry, right?) I thought it would be a fun and it was, along with the added bonus of cute runner guys working, too. I figured out how to find them- check!

But the volunteering was an awesome experience, regardless. We just had to stand on the course (remind me never to sign up on a day there is multiple races and in freezing weather, for that matter. I had on all my winter Under Armor gear and 2 extra layers. I was still a popsicle after standing for 4 hours) and make sure the runners stayed in the race lane, call the emergency line if someone got hurt and to cheer them on. The runners were awesome. I always try to tell as many volunteers thank you as I can as I'm running and being a volunteer, I can now see that really makes a difference. I had a bunch of runners high five me and when I told them they were looking good, they'd say "So are you!" (mostly it was the older men, but hey! I will take what I can get). It's really easy to make me happy. 

This week, I am back on track. And I will take it slow, even if it annoys the hell out of me (I'm slow enough already, people!). 

Testing 1,2,3!

Well, hello there!

This is my little patch of the Information Highway.

And it's kind of amazing.

Just sayin.