Thursday, August 29, 2013

(3 things) Going Going Gone!

Today is my Friday!
I'm going to Disneyland!
Lots and lots of friends will be there! 
I'm going to Disneyland!
I'm going to get my Coast to Coast Medal (and a bunch of other ones)!
I'm going to Disneyland!

Thanks to a few reality checks this week, I'm pretty sure I'm more mentally grounded for this weekend. I'll admit, I was romanticizing it a lot, and I'm glad a few of my bubbles were popped pre-arrival. It can only go up from here, right?! 

Just in case, here's where you can find me throughout the weekend:

Can't wait to see this guy again :)

Now it's time to say good-bye, because I need to finish packing. Nothing like saving it til the last minute!

Banana's Splits Opening Day!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day! 

Just popping in to remind you that The Banana's Splits Virtual Race is going on the entire month of September. It's not too late to register! 

In case you're not familiar, a virtual race is a race you can run anywhere, whenever you want! It's a great way to get rewarded for a training run, or have extra motivation to start your running journey. You pick your distance, when you are going to run and where. Then once the month is over, you should have a shiny new medal to add to your collection. Added bonus? You're also helping find a cure for cancer. 

If you've already registered, remember you can share motivations, inspirations or pictures from your race on the event's facebook page! Speaking of, I just uploaded the race bib. Feel free to print it out, and post pictures from your race. We'd love to see!

The A team is hosting this virtual race to raise money for the leukemia & lymphoma society. Here are some fun facts about where the money goes:

$50 will register 1 person to be a bone marrow donor.
$75 will provide HLA (bone marrow) typing for a family member of a patient with leukemia.
$100 will pay for the cost of 4 patient’s chemotherapy drug prescription co-payments.
$300 will train 25 peer volunteers who can provide emotional support to newly diagnosed patients.
$500 will provide patient aid to a person with Leukemia or a related cancer for a year.
$1000 allows patients to meet with health care specialists to design and discuss their disease, treatment plan and prepare them with the info they will need during the treatment process. $2000 provides patients with a one month supply of Gleevec.

What are you doing for the holiday weekend?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WoW: running errands, literally.

I jumped to Friday in the calendar, because this was totally me yesterday. There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day lately, so why not take a stretch stop at the bodega and grab some EmergenC?

My amazing hair stylist told about the new sports mix EmergenC makes ( on the right. ps- there are no additives, including sugar aka it's a tad tart), but you can only find it at one store, that happened to be on my running route last night.

Seeing as how I get sick when I'm stressed or when I travel (and what a coinkie dink! Both are happening right now), I can't be too safe. Running home with the improptu bag wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, either!

How do you squeeze in everything you need to get done with only 24 hours in the day?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

(Guest post) Ronda's 7 Must-Dos for The Disneyland Half!

As I mentioned yesterday, I've asked a couple of my previous runDisney running partners to share with the group their experiences at The Disneyland Half. Today's post is brought to you by Ronda, who was my very first runDisney running partner for my very first runDisney race! If you didn't know already, Stacey's must-dos are on Ronda's TV 24/7 while she's in Disneyworld, so I thought it only fitting she share with us her must-dos for the Disneyland Half marathon!

Top 7 Must-Dos For the Disneyland Half Marathon!

1. You won't win. The odds are not in your favor, so relax, HAVE FUN... you're in Disneyland! Finish times don't matter here. Remember this for the duration of the list. *If you are reading this I would be willing to bet money that you won't be THE winner, and that's okay!

2.  LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD. You can race anytime, but this is Disney. Cameras and spectators are everywhere. Is this the time to pull out an old sweaty t-shirt and ratty shorts? NO! My personal motto is, "I'm not going to win, so I may as well look my best while not winning!" Plus, don't you feel better when you look better. And ladies, feel free to wear make-up. I will NOT judge you ... you'll see me at the finish line still in lipstick. *MAC long-last lipstick is the best, and gets me through every race of every distance!

3.  Porta potties. Does anything sound more appetizing than using a little plastic box that's been baking in the Southern California sun? Uh, yeah. A lot does. You'll be running through theme parks for the first few miles. If you have to go, take advantage of real toilets, air conditioning, soap and water! And remember #1 on the list - you're not going to win so there is no need to pee yourself! Trust me, it happens. We witnessed it before we even hit mile 4 - which there is no excuse for considering you are surrounded by bathrooms in the park! DON'T PEE YOURSELF!

4. RUN WITH FRIENDS, if you can. I've raced with runDisney 8 times so far, and only 2 of those have been solo runs.  The 2011 Princess Half was my first time ever running with someone - and had she not been with me who would have helped me fix my hair before I threw myself on Captain Jack Sparrow?? And while you're at it come up with a team name! "Pineapple Express" was the name for the 2012 WDW Half Marathon's most dysfunctional group (but we finished together, dammit!!!), "Tew Legit" is my team name with my husband (we're Tew Legit to quit!), "Sister Witches" was my Tower of Terror Team (sung to the tun of "Sister Christian), and the most infamous is Team Jam. In 2011 we set a new precedent on how to run the Disneyland Half Marathon! 

5.  Who says Halloween is the only time to wear a costume? Remember, we are running Disney -- if you can't race in silly costumes here then where can you?? But think smart and remember temperature! For the 2013 WDW Half "Tew Legit" ran in cowboy hats as Woody and Jessie ... and we were soaked 3 miles in. Dedicate yourself to your costume and be prepared to sweat! *For the marathon the next day I ran in a black cotton t-shirt with a cape as Batgirl. My costume commitment almost killed me during the last 10K - but the photos were worth it. DON'T DO COTTON!!

6.  BRING A CAMERA! Photogs are everywhere and cast members will use your camera at character stops (although they might bitch if all 3 of your team members hand them a camera. Been there, done that.) This saves mega money if you don't want to purchase your photos. But fun photos also exist away from the parks and characters. Example: doing cartwheels in a random yard along the race course. Team Jam had over 400 photos after their Disneyland Half! *Note: cast members will censor your photos if you push the edge on creativity -- translate that into "don't try to lift your leg to hump a dog character". Also, once you leave the parks you are done with character stops for a majority of the race - so IF you are worried about pace and finishing in the time frame, you'll have plenty of miles without designated stops!

7.  Smile.  Take it in. DON'T RACE! Remember what I said - you aren't Kara. You aren't Meb. You paid A LOT of money, so don't treat this race as a Fastpass. Enjoy the "queue" that is the Disneyland Half Marathon race course! Take note of the "behind the scenes" things you don't usually see. Sing songs with friends. Talk to strangers and cheer each other on. Stop and smell the roses. Dance with the high school bands along the course. Share stories and bond with your team. *It took Team Jam 30 minutes just to complete mile 3 ... and we had zero regrets. Best race ever! It can be a "Once in a Lifetime" event, so don't waste it! You've earned every minute, every mile, every memory --- so bask in it!

Ronda's Blog:

What are some of your must-dos during The Disneyland Half marathon?
ps- I'm featured on Karen's blog today, you should pop over and say hello!

Monday, August 26, 2013

(Guest Post) Jaime's Disneyland Half Marathon Insights!

As yall know, this is my first time going to Disneyland for a race. So, I've asked a couple of my previous runDisney running partners (who I've been driving insane for the past 6 months about all they know!) to share some of their Disneyland insights with the group. Today's post is brought to you by Jaime, who I get to see in a few days! She put up with me throughout the entire WDW marathon and has convinced me why the Disneyland Half might be my new favorite runDisney race! 

Disneyland Half Marathon is my favorite of the runDisney races. In fact, it’s probably my favorite of all of the races I’ve run. I ran my very first half marathon during Disneyland Half Marathon weekend in 2010 and I’ve run it every year since then. If you’ve never run a Disney race of the west coast, I’m here to give you some pointers for your first Disneyland race experience.

First, let’s talk expo. The wonderful thing about Disneyland Half Weekend is that the expo is within walking distance to both parks and to Downtown Disney. Packet pick up is located in the parking garage of the Disneyland Hotel and the T-shirt pick up in in the Disneyland Hotel Exhibit Hall. The first year that I ran this race, the packet pick up was not very well organized and none of the cast members seemed to know what was going on. Being a newbie, I wandered around the Exhibit Hall for quite a while before I figured out that I had to get my actual bib in the parking structure. It’s been much more organized the last two years and much easier to figure out where to go.

My advice is to go directly to the Exhibit Hall and visit the runDisney merchandise booth before doing anything else. The earlier you can get there, the better. Yes, you’ll have to go to the parking garage to get your bib and then back to the Exhibit Hall a second time to get your shirt, but it’s totally worth it. You don’t want to wait too long to visit the Official Merchandise booth. 

 Don’t forget to take your picture in front of the mock castle in the lobby!

The other nice thing about running Disney on the west coast is that you can walk to the start line from all three of the Disneyland Resort Hotels and all of the neighboring hotels. This means not having to get in line for a bus at 2:45 in the morning. Last year, I stayed at the Grand Californian and I’m pretty sure I left my room at 5:00 for a 5:30 start. I don’t recommend doing this if you have a bag to check, however! Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to go; just follow the rest of the runners.

The bag drop is right next to the corrals, so that eliminates the long slow 20-30 minute crawl to the start line of the WDW races. Just drop off your bag, walk around the corner and voila! There are the corrals.

The first year I ran the DL Half, I made a rookie mistake. By mile 2, you’re already entering the backstage area of DCA. There’s a water stop with port-a-potties. I really had to go, so I waited in that first line to use the bathroom for over 5 minutes. If you wait just a little bit longer, there’s real  bathrooms inside the DCA and Magic Kingdom. I definitely suggest waiting until then.

I know some people prefer the WDW races because the course is entirely on Disney property, but the crowd support at DL is awesome. There are tons of high school cheer squads, bands and dance teams along the route. Many spectators also offer candy and pretzels to the runners. The stretch between mile 5-9 is somewhat boring since it’s in an industrial area, but last year runDisney added a bunch of antique cars in that section which really helped. Maybe this year, they’ll add even more things to look at!

Between mile 9 and 10 is Angel Stadium. If you have friends and families coming to watch, this is an excellent place for them to cheer. The crowds are fun and I believe it’s free for spectators to watch from the stands. The only down side is that they’ll have to get a cab to get there if they don’t have a car. Transportation around the resort is very trick on race morning. Once you get through the A stadium, it’s just a couple of quick miles back to Disney property and the streets are lined with crowds. This is one of my favorite parts of the race. All that’s left is one more back stage portion and then into Downtown Disney to the finish line!

The finish line is just a short walk from both park entrances. I’ve always wanted to go ride the rides that get you the most wet right after the race like Splash Mountain in Magic Kingdom or Grizzly River Run in California Adventure. Maybe this year, I’ll actually do it!

Best of luck to all those participating this year. It’s going to be a blast!

Do you have any insights about the Disneyland Half that you'd like to share with the group?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dumbo Taper week!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Chick Boxing

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Yoga in the park

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 4.87 for the Just a Little Dopey virtual race! 

Sunday: Rest

In true taper fashion, I believe I have given up on running. Not on purpose, but this week hasn't been very running friendly. I think I over did it last weekend and it put me all out of wack. I had to duck out of Chick-Boxing right before it ended because I was feeling light headed. I almost tried to get on the treadmill, but I decided it would be best to chill out. I will make sure to especially get my weekday runs in next week. I've not run the week before a half marathon and it's not pretty. 

Thursday my oldest friend in NYC wanted to do Yoga in Bryant Park. Seeing as this wasn't a request I normally get from her and I hadn't seen her in awhile, I jumped at the chance! I totally forgot I wanted to do this all summer. When it rained all day, I wasn't too hopeful. But it stopped raining around 5, so they moved the class onto the terrace. It was a really great class and my abs are still feeling it! When I get back from Dumbo, I think I'd like to keep going; I believe it's until the end of September. 

Saturday's run started terrible but ended well. I decided I wanted to test out my PureFlows; same verdict. My feet were not having it. I've been having calf pain and I was hoping switching shoes would help; it only made me want my Ghosts. The plan was to do 4, but I added the .87 for the Just a Little Dopey virtual race. I got my medal earlier this week and Saturday was my first chance to run. Speaking of virtual races, The Banana's Splits virtual race starts next week! There is still time to register, check it out here.

Cutest medal ever!

I got a massage yesterday and when they say Deep Tissue can feel like a hard workout, they meant it. I am definitely feeling it! I'm hoping it cleared up my calf and hamstring issues and I'm ready for a clean slate for Dumbo. 

Now it's time to start packing and getting excited! 
How was your week?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Last weekend of Summer Streets 2013

Like the previous week, I only had 5 miles to do, so this time I decided to run from 14th street uptown and then back. 

The route was definitely less crowded going downtown. The higher I went, the less people there seemed to be. It was awesome! The only time I really experienced any kind of congestion was on the bridge at Grand Central Station and completely understandable. How many times can you walk up Park Avenue Viaduct and through the Helmsley Building?! 

The uptown rest stop even had a mini-golf course! 

Since I was doing a "short" long run, I decided to stop by the helmet rest stop to see how long the line was (I have been talking about wanting one for the past 2 years after all!), but they moved it this year to 24th street. Boo! When I got there, the line was as far as I could see- at least an Avenue long. I don't know how long the wait was, but I really needed to get home. Another Boo. I guess it's not meant to happen. 

I love the water fountains, but my only complaint is there are no bathrooms!

Every year the streets seem to have more and more fun stuff to do. If you're in the area, I highly suggest waking up early one Saturday to experience it- especially if you want to do any of the activities! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

(3 things) life work, User friendliness and my sister rocks

Why is it the week before my scheduled vacay, everything needs to be due?! This is my only vacation this summer! Don't you people know I have procrastinated packing, custom making, and itinerary planning and need to focus on that?! As frustrating as it is, I'm not completely upset about it, because I feel really productive! (If I haven't mentioned this before, I really love what I do) 

Have you ever noticed Macs are completely user-friendly? Until you have to upgrade. It's like we forget that it's supposed to be easy! I bought my new Mac and refused to use it for months, because I knew there was a whole bunch of stuff I was going to have to relearn how to use and I just wasn't ready. I got over my fear (and my attachment issues with my old Mac) and all it right in the world, but yesterday, I defriended Apple for about 5 minutes. I'm still not a total fan of the Photo Library (ps- you need to export your photos to actually back them up), but luckily it was a complete user error and I figured it out. My world is ok now :)

I have the best sister ever and I'm kind of the luckiest person ever. Just saying.

What makes you productive? Are you a Mac fan? Do you think your sibling is awesome? You should tell them! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WoW: The headphone trick

Dear Runner's World,

Please stop giving away New Yorkers' secrets! ;)

And speaking of New York, we don't generally have that problem. 

Have you ever had someone talk to you while on the treadmill? 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tourist in your own city: South Street Seaport

As luck would have it, B and I were both off on Friday. So, we decided to finally use the Circle Line tour tickets I got through Living Social. They were about to expire, it was a beautiful day, the universe came together and we got to experience a great part of our city we haven't traveled to often, The South Street Seaport. If you remember correctly, this was one of the areas that got hit pretty bad by Hurricane Sandy. I had only been down there a handful of times-  it was one of the stops on the all day drinking fest I partook in a few years back, also known as SantaCon. It's also where the NYCHalf finish-line has been for the past 2 years. The year I ran it was the only time B had been there and I'm sure it looks completely different without 10,000 sweaty runners. So, we were excited to see what it was all about on a regular day. 

We're on a boat! 

We picked the Statue of Liberty Express tour (it's kind of special to us, seeing as we got engaged in front of her ;) and boarded the Zephyr yacht. Did I mention I get seasick? An hour boat tour might not have been a good plan, as I watched the boat sway heavily with the waves. Luckily, I remembered my dramamine and we were good to go! The tour sailed around the lower part of Manhattan and then over to The Lady. Our tour guide was quite hilarious and entertaining and he educated us on a bunch of NYC history I didn't even know. I know The Staten Island Ferry is free and does sort of the same thing, but honestly, you can't get all of these views!
 She's even prettier up close!

 The New Freedom Towers

Oh, hey, Verrazano. I'll see you up close on November 3.

After the tour, we noticed an outdoor concert going on with lounge chairs and the SmorgasBar food booths, which is a part of the Brooklyn Flea's SmorgasBorg effort to revive the area. The food vendors all looked amazing, but we settled on a Lobster Roll BLT, had a seat and enjoyed the area for awhile. The atmosphere reminded me very much of my hometown, New Orleans. We also walked around to see more of the area (which also had a very French Quarter feel to it). There were stores still closed, but the ones that were opened seemed to be booming. We tried to find a cute bar/ grill to eat at, but they were all bursting with people! We settled on one of the restaurants on the pier. 

It was perfect. The weather was gorgeous, I even needed my sweater! In August! We ate outside and watched the sunset by all the boats and for a brief moment, I thought I was in Florida. The smell of the water mixed with the buttery seafood restaurant definitely made me think we would be going back to a hotel on vacation, not our own apartment in Brooklyn. It's funny how all these things can co-exist in the same city. 

view from one of the balconies in the shopping center

view from our dinner table

If you've never spent the day at The South Street seaport, I highly recommend going! The SmorgasBar looks like it'll be there until October and I'm sure you can look online for other things going on in the area. It's a hidden gem that can make living in the city feel almost relaxing- even with the tourists.

What's your favorite touristy thing to do in your own city?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Theme Park shoe options

As Dumbo gets closer, I'm starting to plan out my packing and my plans. Since I'm not as familiar with Disneyland as Walt Disneyworld, I've been spending a lot of my time reading up on all the tips and tricks to maximize my time. For the record, I'm still thoroughly confused on The World of Color situation and a tad bummed there isn't more of a variety for character dining. But I digress.

I'm not putting as much effort as you think, but I will spend extra time trying to pack the most comfortable shoes possible. 19.3 miles in 2 days ON TOP of the miles of walking in the parks is no joke, people. So, comfort is a must. Especially when the majority of the tips are talking about moisture wicking socks (check!) and comfortable shoes, I figure, you can't be too safe. 

Good ol' fashion Crocs.

I've already planned on my crocs for post race. Go ahead and make fun, I don't even care and my feet will feel amazing. Karen told me about this tip during marathon weekend and I haven't looked back. But even I draw the line at actually wearing them in the parks (or do I?:). So what's the next best thing? 

Along with working on tired legs to my race day training, I've been trying to "test" some prospects while I run errands on the weekends. Here are a few options I've come up with: 



I have seen a few people sing their praises on social media, so I decided I needed to try them. The verdict is these are ridiculously comfortable. How can they not with the tagline "This is not a shoe, it's a sandal". Admittedly, I haven't had the chance to give them a thorough wearing, but when I have worn them, they're insanely comfie. 

An alternate pair of running shoes. 

I don't know the state my feet will be in and I don't know if they'll want to squeeze in another pair of running shoes- they might suffer from some serious PTSD! But I will be packing an extra pair just in case. Thank goodness for free checked baggage!  


Plain ol' flip flops. 

As easy as they are to pack, I don't know if I can rock them for an entire day. Maybe in short spurts? BUT I do have the Sanuk yoga mat flip flops, that might be bearable for an entire day of walking around the parks? 
For the record, no I am NOT a Sanuk representative (but definitely wouldn't oppose it! :) I'm just a huge fan of their shoes.  


Tar-jay fun flats! 

Aren't they adorable? I got them from Target for $15! They were fine when I wore them to the office, but a day of brunch and shopping didn't do well. I think they would it ok, if they were my only option that didn't have support/ cushion. Since I'm already torn on 2 other pairs that might work better, these guys are going to have to sit this one out.

Another pair on the cutting room floor? 


In previous years, Toms were my to-go summer shoes. Sadly, I cannot keep a pair in presentable shape for more than one summer season, which says a lot. As a New Yorker, I know I walk more than average, but I'm also a very lazy New Yorker, which says even more. I know they have a great mission, but I just cannot shell out that kind of money for less than a summers worth of wear. 

What are your to-go theme park shoes post-race?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dumbo Training week 16

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Chick Boxing and 2.5M Speed work

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Zumba and 2.5M

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 5M

Sunday: 12M

Remember when training first started and I was on a roll with a schedule like this? 
Whoah. I'm tired now. 

I was cranky allllllll day Saturday after the 5M. My body didn't feel right no matter how much I rolled or stretched. Do you ever feel like you want to crawl out of your skin after a long run? That's the best way I can describe it. It's not fun. Previously, I've only experienced if after 13M+ runs and it's usually when I don't stretch or roll as much as I should, but I was trying my best. 

I decided to only do 12 miles this morning, since I over did a couple of weeks ago. At 3:30AM this morning, I should've known it wasn't going to be good when I spilled my entire mug of coffee all over the kitchen. Talk about a way to wakeup. Luckily, I didn't have anywhere to be at a specific time. Normally, I give myself a ton of time to get ready slowly, so thank goodness for that! Could you imagine doing something like that on race day? Let's hope I'm getting all the negative out now. 

Since it was still dark when I finally got out there, I decided to run up 9th Ave instead of going all the way over to the West Side Highway. In the dark, that early, that isolated and by myself didn't make me feel super safe. I decided I'd turn to run there as soon as the sun came up, but it was still overcast and the sidewalks were empty, so I stayed. I checked the weather so I knew this, but for some reason I wasn't prepared to feel like I was swimming (flashback from The Princess Half!). 

Even though, I was feeling nauseated and unmotivated (not gonna lie, I walked the first 2 miles), it was quite amazing to see the transition of the city at that moment. This morning I was blessed with getting to see the city go to sleep and then wake up and it was beautiful. Whoever coined the term "The City that never sleeps" had no idea what they were talking about. The city most definitely sleeps. It's usually a slight moment and you'll miss it if you're not paying attention. I was definitely paying attention this morning. I think it's definitely an amazing moment every New Yorker needs to see- either going to sleep with the city or waking up with it.

Then I got to Central Park around the same time the NYRR 2nd training run was starting and the quiet peaceful time was gone. Boo. 

Could you imagine this coming at you? 

I tried to stay clear but I definitely got swallowed by a few pace groups. Thank goodness I was only in the park for a couple of miles, then I head back downtown.

New York, even your piers are eclectic.
A cruise ship, a battle ship and a pirate ship. . . 
sounds like the beginning of a bad joke.

I'm kind of bummed my training started out amazing and just went downhill from there, but I'm glad I'm getting some bad running times in, so they don't happen during the race. And speaking of, now it's officially TAPER TIME and I can start packing!

What's the most random thing you've ever seen on a run?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

(3 things) cool weather, meetups and race-cations

I am absolutely loving this weather! Can we all do a collaborative weather dance that fall is officially here? It would make me very happy. It's such a terrible tease if not, but definitely well deserved after that 7 day heatwave. Even though I am NOT a fan of hot weather (again, if you haven't figure that out) I will admit, I was hoping for the summer to make me a better runner for The Dumbo Dare Challenge. I'm ok not sweating through my clothes and actually enjoying being outside, though. 

brought to you by instagram

So, if you're up on the Disneyland meetup hype, you will see my name on the list of people who got one of the coveted spots! I've been waiting for a chance to get into this meetup since I first discovered it 2 years ago. Sadly, I will not be able to actually attend. That flight insurance I swore I bought specifically for this scenario? Yea, can't find it. I really have no one to blame but myself and I'm not really in the mood for that, so we're move on! Surprisingly, I was upset for about 5 minutes and then I got over it. Funny how life works like that. Would it have been great to go? Definitely. Is it the end of the world? No. There is going to be so much to do that weekend as it is that I kind of felt a tad relieved. How could I possibly be that upset? I get to see a TON of my friends and make new ones! 

And on some good race news: I finally decided to pull the trigger on Rock-n-Roll Philly. I also managed to convince people to come with me! YaY! I really loved this race when I ran it in 2011. Perfect weather and a gorgeous course! I really loved that the race took us through downtown first and then looped us back around. It was also the race I qualified for the Heavy Medal Rockstar status, and B and I's first out-of-town experience together. We really loved the city. As soon as I saw the medal, I knew I had to do it again. Bring it on, City of Brotherly love!

What are you blessed with?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WoW: Staying hydrated on flights

Perfect timing on this one, Runner's World. 
It's like they know I have a race-cation coming up or something :)

I don't know about an "energy" drink (wouldn't that dehydrate you more?), but (in case you don't know me at all) I'm a huge fan of bringing a refillable water bottle wherever I go. Leave it empty until you get through security and fill it up at one of the water fountains in the terminal. I've noticed a ton of water fountains making a comeback and it makes my heart happy.

These are my favorite! 
(courtesy of the Delta terminal at LGA for WDW Marathon weekend.
 Since then, I see them everywhere- including my office!)

I'm also a fan of the aisle seat because not only can I stretch my legs, I get to manage when and how many times I get up- which I suggest often if you're on a race-cation trip! I have been known to rock the compression socks (another must for flights!), stretch in the aisle and frequent the bathroom after a couple of bottles of water. And seeing as this flight will be a cross-country one, all of those things are going to be vital.

What are some tips you have about flying for race-cations?