Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer Streets 2013: 2nd weekend

Read about 2012 summer streets here:

I'm pretty sure the best part of summer training is the 3 Saturdays in August where they shut down Park Ave. from 72nd st to the Brooklyn Bridge for a massive running route; also known as NYC Summer Streets! 

Since I only had 5 miles on the schedule, I started my route at Union Square and went downtown. As I was waiting for my Garmin to find satellites, I was noticing more and more runners coming from uptown. It was only 7:30 and it was already getting crowded. Last year I did find myself more on the uptown end of the streets, and that part was usually quiet for a bit. But I guess that's what you get when it's a beautiful day. 

In previous years, I hadn't gone lower than the REI rest stop. For this run, I was excited to go half way across the Brooklyn Bridge- I hadn't done that in awhile. Once I was on it, I remembered why. The path is super narrow (only about 4 people wide) that bikers, runners and pedestrians going in both directions have to share. I noticed the cyclists and the runners were very good about single file and passing, but it was the pedestrians that were making things difficult. There were a few times I didn't feel very safe and I was really glad to be done with it. 

Training for Dumbo Double Dare photo stops!

I decided not to stop at any of the rest stops until I was on my way back up. I noticed many of them were just setting up, until I got closer to downtown. Waiting might've been a mistake. It was insane the amount of people awake that early- and not- running/biking! The REI stop was jam-packed with lines at every booth. There was a cute backdrop photo area I totally would've loved, but I didn't have time to wait. I signed up for a raffle and got a keychain flashlight for B (They were also giving out water bottles, but she would've killed me if I brought home another one) got a kind bar and was on my way out. 

On my way back uptown, I saw the aftermath of a kid who fell off his bike. I'm 99% sure neither he nor anyone of his family members were wearing a helmet. Biking in the city already petrifies me. Seeing obnoxious amounts of people without helmets, especially on citibikes, drives me insane! I have no idea how anyone could think that's a good plan. Wear your helmets, people! I'm pretty sure they still give them out for free at one of the uptown rest stops- which reminds me I still want one! 

Since next week is the last Saturday, I'll probably check out the uptown route. I wish my longer runs were scheduled for Saturdays so I could experience more of the summer streets but there is always next year.

Does your city do something fun for outdoor activities in the summer?


  1. This is really cool! I'm still holding out for the first time I run on NYC streets to be a first weekend in November. Maybe 2014?

    The only time New Orleans Streets are shut down for running is for a race. The local track club does do a cool Summer Series in City Park. Its a 2 mile run 4-5 times during the summer. They also do summer track meets once a month during the summer. I've yet to make it to either, but sounds like they could be fun.

    1. You should try them out! Summer streets are a ton of fun!

  2. What a neat idea!! Looks like you had a great your Dumbo training photo! :0)

  3. Running the bridge looks gorgeous! I really need to get into the city for the occasional run, there are so many great places - can you believe I've never even run in Central Park!

  4. I realize reading this that I always feel like you live in a movie. I need to come visit so I can make NY more real and not just a place I see in tv. And apparently I need to visit during August so I can run in the streets with you!

    Love your photo stop training!

    1. I normally don't encourage visiting in August, it's usually miserably hot. Or you can just run NYCM and see everything for yourself!