Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Fotogram: GC

What happens when you leave your office for lunch: 
I found out I work right by the UN.

I love love this eagle on the side of Grand Central.

 The Chandeliers in Grand Central. 
(clearly, my instagramed life revolves around my laborhood)

The Stomp Out Litter Campaign is back!
Taken on my run a few weeks ago through a plastic bag.

The reason for the late post:
I left the state for a moment. 

What do you do for labor day?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

#ToT10M surprise!

Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday. And as a gift to myself, this year is going to be the best one yet. Why?

I'm going to Disney at the end of September for The Tower of Terror 10miler! (Apparently, my blog is turning into a disnerd one. Sorry about that guys! Just like last year was the year of the Rock-n-Roll, this is the very long year of the Disney ;)

Of all the times I've been (including the time spent working there) I've never been there for Halloween. It's the perfect time to meet Maleficent! And it's about time, right?! I'm so excited, yall!! It's like 10+ yrs in the making. If she's not at the ToT10M after party (The Villains Hollywood Bash) then she'll have to be at the Mickey's not so Scary Halloween party. I've been stalking Disney blogs to find out everything I can about the party so I can prepare myself. I'm going in with a mission and to fail is not an option! Any insider scoop you have, would be greatly appreciated! It's going to be epic. I might have to take a valium with me just to calm myself. The closer it gets the more and more excited I get!

Another big thing for me, is this will be my first solo vacation. I've never gone anywhere with the intention of being alone. I'm super nervous, but excited! I don't have to consult with anyone about what they want to do and I can do whatever I want! Don't worry, there will be people there that I know and I already have plans to meet up with them all!

I've already decided on my 2 costumes for the 5k and the 10M. Smee from Peter Pan and The Snow Queen. I've been searching the internets on trying to figure out how to create a run friendly version of both and I'm almost finished both. I think one more trip to a Michaels and I will be set. The races are both on the same day (5k is the morning, 10M is that night), so it's going to be a crazy day! Throw in that my training schedule actually calls for a 16 miler (anyone know of fun running trails by The All Stars?), I'll be looking forward to a nap and hanging by the pool (if it's not too cold).

Seeing as I how I have 2 costumes for the 2 races I will be running, I didn't think it was needed to have a 3rd for the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party. I just bought a silver sparkle skirt and thought it would be enough, right?!
Wrong. Ronda has convinced me I need to be in costume. Any ideas on what I can turn a silver skirt into? I bought a few props that I need to narrow it down to, but suggestions are always welcome!

Remember that lack of motivation? This totally wipes that out! I think everyone needs to put a fun race on their calendars just to relieve the stress.

Anyone going that I don't know already?
Do you have a Halloween costume yet?

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Saturday 12 miler.

I was fully prepared and excited to write my post about my awesome 12 miler. . . but then a monstrosity of a headache took over my life and rendered me lifeless on the couch in and out of consciousness. It's ok, I think I've made a full recovery.

Back to Saturday. I didn't really have a plan. I had no idea how I was going to get 12 miles in without going to CP. But I didn't want to go to CP. That was time on the train I didn't feel like wasting. It was already going to be a long enough morning. So, I left the apartment with the notion that there had to be a way I could run along the water on the southeast part of Manhattan. As I ran over the Williamsburg Bridge I saw it! A path people were running and biking on. I just had to figure out how to get there. . . .
(ps- just run up to Houston and go east)
Hello there, WB! 
Sidenote, I totally love that you have to actually walk/ bike over the WB to know it's pink :-)
  It was such a great view and I was stoked to run.

The weather felt great and I noticed water fountains and public bathrooms- score! But as I started getting further uptown, I noticed none of that. My awesome idea, along with the running path, was slowly diminishing as the miles clocked on. I finally decided to turn around once I hit midtown. I had to buy a $2.50 gatorade at the lone gas station and didn't hit "civilization" for a couple more miles. Once I did, it was nice. Water fountains and public restrooms (even as scary as they were)- what more could a runner ask for?

Now comes the re-entrance of the WB. I swear that bridge is so damn hot it's redonk! Half way up the ramp, I felt myself stop sweating and get chills. What a more perfect spot to possibly have something bad happen . . not. . .so I stopped and walked. When I tried to run again my hip seized up. .  . so I had to walk the rest of the way. Boo.

I was so over my run. I realized all my runs were going to end like this from now on. The higher I get up in miles, the more the last couple of miles are going to suck. I had to keep reminding myself that I loved my run up until that point. 

How do deal with a run ending bad but overall being good?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

3 Things Thursday

1. Let's talk about the big NYRR announcement. No Bag Check. WoWsers! I'm ok with not checking a bag; wasn't planning on it anyway. I know I will have people at the finish line of this race. I generally only do it because I can or if I'm out of town and know I will be waiting on Fred to finish his full. But I see why people would be upset. NYRR's responses to the outcry makes me want to punch them in the face and I'm not even upset over it. I think it's all the pent up resentment for the shitty branding change. Glad I'm only planning on rocking this one once.

2. Tart Cherry Juice- Thoughts? I've noticed a nice little trend of it popping up for recovery. I bought some at GNC at lunch and I look forward to trying it out this weekend. . .or better yet, tonight after the gym! I had a taste and it's actually quite yummy! Just like the Vanilla Hemp Protein I got from Trader Joe's last night. The greenest threw me off, but I'm a super fan of this stuff. . .as long as it's giving me the much needed protein I'm lacking in my diet.

3. Cool website I found via someone on facebook (sorry if it was you!); Yes, it's just type on a "artsy" photos but the text is the cool part. They really had me thinking. How many can you answer right away? To be honest, I don't have answers for a lot of them, which I find interesting. I think they're perfect to answer in your journal not via a blog.

Whats going on in your Thursday?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Last Saturday of SummerStreets 2012!

How did the runners get to have pretty much all of summer streets to themselves (at least early this morning)?

Have it rain :)

Runners are out there no matter what, especially those of us training for something. Who in their right mind would be out there for a joy ride?! It was nice not having to dodge the bikes. Although there were some and they were all wearing ponchos. I couldn't figure out why, though. They were closer to taking flight than keeping dry, IMHO.

Honestly, the rain almost deterred me, too. Once I got out there and remembered how much fun running in the rain could be, it was awesome! The first time I had ever run in the rain was for the RNR PRovidence, RI Half. It rained the entire 13.1 miles and then some. If you're going to run in the rain, I think it's best that it stays raining the entire time. . it starts to suck when it stops and the sun comes out. But that didn't happen until I was in my last mile. 

The alternative would've been running in 90 degree humidity. Not a fan. For the 1st time in months I felt like I was really running, not just trying to break through the humidity. Knowing my pace would've been awesome today. Funny, My Garmin decided it didn't want to charge again. I'm getting really pissed off about it. Unfortunately, I can't throw it and step on it like I want bc I bought the BIA but that won't come out until at least March? Ugh. Before all that, I was planning on running downtown this time, so I could run the entire 7 miles of free streets and Brooklyn Bridge, but I couldn't do math as easily when the streets aren't numbers downtown, so I stuck to what I knew and ran up to 23rd then back- I also didn't want to rick getting sick in the AC again this weekend.

Can we please give thanks to those volunteers who stood out there all day, and especially today in the rain?! That's super awesome of them. I tried to tell everyone I passed thank you, but most of them looked at me funny so I changed to just smiling and saying good morning. At one of the crossovers, one guy said he had volunteered all 3 weekends. I told him he was my hero, that takes special kind of crazy patience. But seriously, they were awesome.

The only major complaint I have about summer streets (besides the cyclists) is there are no bathrooms! I don't like to go into a starbucks just to pee, especially when I'm super drenched. I thought about peeing myself twice (what? don't runners do that sometimes? right? I swear I've seen it. Do you even know how hard it is to pull your body up a hill with a full bladder?! ) but that would not have been cool and I could not convince myself otherwise. I finally gave in and went to starbucks. Most awesome thing about wearing black on black in the rain? No one can tell that you're soaking wet! And a super soaked runner was in line in front of me, so I didn't feel so bad. I probably shouldn't have been drinking so much but that's what I'm used to doing in the summer.

I got home rolled and stretched. For the 1st time in a long time, the only thing that hurt were my feet (the only major downfall to running in the rain are the possible blisters. Boo) and after 10 miles, I feel energized and I'm ready to have a great day. Can it rain for the rest of the summer?! Please?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Capering for a great medal

So, runDisney revealed the 20th Anniversary medal.
I'm super torn. Originally, I said I wouldn't even consider it until I got close to my 18 miler. That won't be until October and the race gets more full as they days go on. At this point, I don't even know if I'm going to finish my first full, let alone a 2nd one a couple of months later?! Oye. Then, runDisney pulled this marketing medal reveal I'm assuming for a push to sell the race out. That's when I made a deal with myself. If the medal is a-mazing, then I can sign up.
The more I look at it, the prettier it gets, but it was not love at first sight. I was not jumping to register (even though with the reveal they are having a flash sale back to the original price. hey. $20 is $20). I was disappointed. Honestly, I saw a leaked version of it and I prayed it was a decoy; it wasn't. It just didn't have the grandiose appeal that the "Great Medal Caper" campaign portrayed. I was hoping for another Donald. To be honest, all of the branding for the campaign was leaning that way with it's look and feel. When the medal didn't follow that particular aesthetic, as a designer I'm trained to reject it. Or maybe I just made all that up because I really wanted it to.

Anyway, it's grows on me. I guess it's better than the "running Mickey" (side rant: why must runners have the worst taste ever! Get with the times, people!). After I looked up the 15th anniversary- I realized I was waiting for something like that, but with a spinner- maybe the awesome 20th logo? I'm fully convinced David Brotherton designed the medal I was waiting for, it was just killed by the client (which is usually the case with good design. So sad.) But hey! At least it doesn't have the Disney font (Seriously people. Knock it off. Spoiler alert: That's not even Walt's handwriting.)

Things for consideration (clearly, I'm using my blog as yet another way to talk this out. Like I haven't ad nauseum to anyone and everyone who has come in contact with me in the last week):

- I'm already going to be trained. NYCM is in November, so all I'd really need to do is keep up my base and I'll be golden. Let's be honest, I'm a slow runner. Marathons don't make sense for me. Not only does their training consist of a 2nd full time job, the actual event is going to take me a good 6-7 hours. That's a chunk of time, people. Am I really going to be willing to do this again?
- It is the only other marathon I'd want to do at least once in my life, so why not during the special 20th? Who knows where I'll be in 5 years (if I do it, it will have to be for an anniversary year)? I pretty much already know Goofy isn't in the cards for me either, so it's cool. Even though it's a marathon weekend, doesn't mean it has to be a marathon weekend. It's ok just to run one race and enjoy myself the rest of the time, instead of trying to save my legs or being in pain. But if I can get it out of the way, I never have to worry about regretting it.

- Pretty much every runner I know (IRL or not) will be there and I know I will feel left out if I don't go. Just think of all the fun that would be! What an awesome blogger meetup.

- Plus. I have the perfect costume. If I tell you, don't steal my awesome idea, ok? It's The Mad Hatter.
Because I have clearly gone mad. Perfect, right?


I already registered :-)

Who do I get to meet there?! 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

2nd Summer Streets weekend.

REI Stop
This weekend, I decided to run from my apt to Summer streets and experience the southern part. It took me a good 3miles to get to Lafayette street. There were a ton of people in Chinatown that were looking at me crazy; since when are people up this early on the weekend?! Somehow, I thought it was closer. No biggie. I had 9.5 miles to do and 3 miles was just a good warm-up.
When I finally got there, the party was in full swing and even more crowded then the uptown area. It had only been going on for an hour and already the lines for things at the REI rest stop were huge! Again, I had no idea normal people woke up that early on weekends for shits and giggles. If I wasn't training, I know I wouldn't and my finance would appreciate it, too. We're both counting down until November for so many reasons, ha!

 I stopped for this cool arm band that REI was giving out. Apparently the brand Columbia is coming out with a tech line that is supposed to activate when you sweat to cool you down. . . sounds fun. We'll see when it officially comes out. Once I got uptown again, I did look into getting a helmet, but the line was way too long and I still had a few more miles to go. I didn't want to cool down that much just to start again. Oh well. I wasn't meant to have one.

My hatred for cyclists was re-enforced again. I don't know who is worse; The "professional" cyclists who mow you down or the oblivious tourists who ride 5 people cross. But none of them were adhering to the bikes on the left, runners on the right signs. It definitely felt more crowded than last weekend especially as my run continued to go on for a lot longer on the streets.

 Hello awesome medal!
TNT gave this to me as I ran passed their tent. 
What an awesome way to motivate and recruit, if I do say so myself!

more street art

 My original plan was to run there and run back. But I wasn't in the mood to have this happen again; so, why not stay as long as I could on the streets specifically car-free for as long as I could? So, that's what I did. I used 14th as a marker so that would be my end point and I would just jump on the subway from there. It worked pretty perfect. I even ducked into the Duane Reade to grab a strawberry milk for the ride home. Unfortunately, once I got on the train, I started feeling nauseated. I think it had a lot to do with sweating for 2 hours outside, then going into AC essentially soaking wet. I took a shower and felt a tad better. I've also noticed that it's getting up in my training that I'm useless for the rest of the day. Can November get here any faster?!

How did your run go this weekend?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

1st weekend of Summer Streets!

Can we thank NYC for summer streets, please? I completely forgot about them until this morning while I was watching the Olympics trying to will myself out the door. That was totally the push I needed to get 9 miles down.

Last year, I only got to participate in the last weekend of the fun. I remember it being a lot less crowded, but it was still a ton of fun. There was so much going on; there was a map and a schedule of things to do. So many free things, too! You could rent rollerblades and bikes for free and some boot camp fitness classes were going on along the side streets. A bunch of companies were out giving samples, I recall Muscle Milk? Somewhere uptown they were giving away free bike helmets. I was .25 seconds away from detouring my run, but felt bad taking one. I don't have a bike and don't plan on buying/ riding one in the near future. I'd only want it to run the rest of the way back with it on because how fun would that have been?! Ok, maybe not. It was a billion degrees. But it would've been fun to walk in the apt with it on and see how long it took B to notice I had one.

They also seemed to have added new sculptures and art along the avenue. Some photos are peppered throughout this post but I had to stop taking pictures of them. They were literally ever block and I was already going really slow. I needed to get this done so I could get back in bed.

My Garmin decided it didn't want to charge last night, so I was SOL on the mile tracking thing this morning. I decided to turn on my Runkeeper App to see what it would say (15 miles! WTF?! There is no possible way), but I roughly guesstimated my distance (and I was right on point! Who's a NYC runner?! This guy.) FYI 10 city blocks- not avenues- are roughly a mile. An avenue is roughly 3 city blocks. I know it's generally 1.5 miles to get to Bethesda Terrace from the apartment. So just start adding miles from 72nd Street. That's a lot of math for this little designer, but it helped pass the time.

I'm really proud of myself for getting through this run. Between consuming too much sugar the night before (I'm a sucker for a slurpee on a hot night) and the brutal heat, my stomach was not having it. I started to feel weird around 34th street so I decided to stop in Duane Reade for a Gatorade and turn around. Even though I know I needed those electrolytes, all the extra damn sugar in it didn't help my problem.

I seriously need Nuun to come in individual packets. . .or I need to find small enough ziplock bags (Anyone know a drug dealer? j/k) to carry one or 2 with me. I like to start with water and incorporate my electrolytes further into my run. And I really don't like hot nuun. It's gross. So is Gatorade, but I'd prefer it if it's hot. So yuck.

Next week, I will be better prepared. It's time to bust out the salt packets again. I think that might have helped me, too.

It was really nice to get out of the park, which was why I was dreading the park so much. I didn't feel like basically doing the same route from last weekend and I was too lazy to get creative- so thank you, NYC, for making it easy on me. I can't wait for next weekend. I need to figure out how to get to th Brooklyn Bridge from my apt and run up the route instead of down.

Sadly, this was my last weekend of waking up across the street from Central Park. Monday will be the start of the moving-in process and at the end of August, there will be no more second apartment on the Upper West Side. Funny, how when I first started running, I wanted to date someone who lived near the park ;) It's going to suck getting up an hour earlier if I have to get to the park for a race again, but so was commuting.

How's your weekend going?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Foto'gram: My Laborhood.

Happy Friday! Hope your week went by as quickly as mine. For your viewing pleasure, here are my instagrams from my inspirational walk my boss made me take. Check out my laborhood: 
(Laborhoood: the neighborhood you work in, courtesy of my other half's obsession with apps)

NYPL, I will always heart you.

Midtown bar.

Some green in the middle of the concrete jungle.

Sometimes I really really hate working in Midtown East (fine, all the time)
but sometimes, if you look up, it always makes me feel better. 

Perspective: Get you some.

Whats your favorite part of your laborhood? What do you do to get inspired?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Three Things Thursday

(Or 3 blogs I've started and haven't been able to finish)

Love. these. shorts.
1. Saturday's long run was a turning point (I hope) into actually liking my long runs. Even though NYRR's 1st Practice Long Run was this weekend (I don't like to be in the park when races are going on unless I'm in them) and their running group, Fred's Team (or whatever it's called), decided to take over the entire street (shame, you should know better!) it was really good.

I'm still frustrated at how slow I am, but I know it's my own lazy fault. Around mile 4, I went off-Gymboss and started doing the counting lampposts/ run until I felt like walking and that was nice. I know I was slowing down as the minutes went on that I didn't take a walk break, which freaks me out a little. I want to run more, but I don't want to get slower. I also decided somewhere around mile 6 I would run fast for awhile to see what I could do. I checked my Garmin and I was at a 10 minute pace! What! So, I know I could probably get up to somewhere around there if I pushed myself, but I'm super scared of burning out. It's been engraved in my training not to go out too fast and hit a wall later. Plus, it's really easy to rest on my base. I know I can get 8 miles done without pushing myself, so why should I? Especially if in a few weeks I'm going to be getting up in miles I've never done before.

So, we shall see. I've been taking an upper body class during the week and I am trying to make myself do more speed work. Just running during the week might be good, too. I've been really bad about getting my weekday workouts in.

good vs evil
What works best for you?

2.  I've decided I'm giving up diet coke/ soda. I don't know if it's going to be a big deal, but it's better than nothing right? I only drink 1-2 MAX a day, usually at lunch just to get my caffeine intake. So we shall see. I didn't realize until now that my Crystal Light/ Lipton individual packets have caffiene in them, so that works out great! Day 2, I was craving a diet coke at lunch time, but I know it will take a minute to get used to only drinking tea. Then, I realized I bought a coke zero for dinner that I never drank. Dammit. This isn't working out how I hoped.

What's the reason for it? Honestly, I'm hoping it will kick start some weight loss. I'm getting super frustrated with the weight I've gained in the past year. . . see, kids, even endurance athletes gain weight. Especially when they eat like they're training while not. A friend lost a ton of weight by cutting out regular coke and hamburgers. I hear diet is worse for you even if there are no calories. I think a fountain coke zero will have to be an allowed splurge, though. There is very little that can give the same kind of happiness.

3. The main reason for my absence? It's moving time, people! This weekend will be the mass exodus of all excess things. It's time to make room for the Mrs. literally- the movers will be here a week later. I will officially join the ranks of all you cohabit-us couples. I'm so excited to finally feel like I have a home. I can't remember the last time I had one of those. But until then, the other bedroom is empty so I'm going to have a fabulous week of living alone, and then it's on to the rest of my life! Can't. Wait. 

Have you ever lived with a significant other? What was your biggest challenge to get over?