Thursday, August 30, 2012

#ToT10M surprise!

Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday. And as a gift to myself, this year is going to be the best one yet. Why?

I'm going to Disney at the end of September for The Tower of Terror 10miler! (Apparently, my blog is turning into a disnerd one. Sorry about that guys! Just like last year was the year of the Rock-n-Roll, this is the very long year of the Disney ;)

Of all the times I've been (including the time spent working there) I've never been there for Halloween. It's the perfect time to meet Maleficent! And it's about time, right?! I'm so excited, yall!! It's like 10+ yrs in the making. If she's not at the ToT10M after party (The Villains Hollywood Bash) then she'll have to be at the Mickey's not so Scary Halloween party. I've been stalking Disney blogs to find out everything I can about the party so I can prepare myself. I'm going in with a mission and to fail is not an option! Any insider scoop you have, would be greatly appreciated! It's going to be epic. I might have to take a valium with me just to calm myself. The closer it gets the more and more excited I get!

Another big thing for me, is this will be my first solo vacation. I've never gone anywhere with the intention of being alone. I'm super nervous, but excited! I don't have to consult with anyone about what they want to do and I can do whatever I want! Don't worry, there will be people there that I know and I already have plans to meet up with them all!

I've already decided on my 2 costumes for the 5k and the 10M. Smee from Peter Pan and The Snow Queen. I've been searching the internets on trying to figure out how to create a run friendly version of both and I'm almost finished both. I think one more trip to a Michaels and I will be set. The races are both on the same day (5k is the morning, 10M is that night), so it's going to be a crazy day! Throw in that my training schedule actually calls for a 16 miler (anyone know of fun running trails by The All Stars?), I'll be looking forward to a nap and hanging by the pool (if it's not too cold).

Seeing as I how I have 2 costumes for the 2 races I will be running, I didn't think it was needed to have a 3rd for the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party. I just bought a silver sparkle skirt and thought it would be enough, right?!
Wrong. Ronda has convinced me I need to be in costume. Any ideas on what I can turn a silver skirt into? I bought a few props that I need to narrow it down to, but suggestions are always welcome!

Remember that lack of motivation? This totally wipes that out! I think everyone needs to put a fun race on their calendars just to relieve the stress.

Anyone going that I don't know already?
Do you have a Halloween costume yet?


  1. I'm so bummed I'm not going. But you are going to have such a great time!! Maleficent is totally at Mickey's Not So Scary (or at least she was last year). So from last year - they'll have some sort of Villains show and if you hang around until the end the Villains will come down for meet & greet (my friend was dressed as Cruella and one of the CM told us where she would come out and we were first in line to take pics with her). Um, what else? Oh - I love the Headless Horseman that leads the parade but he wasn't as cool as I remember last year.

    I can't think of any good costume ideas off the top of my head (although the first time I went I had a tiara and pink boa and was informed by a child that I was not wearing a real costume) but I'll think on it.

    Oh - traveling by yourself can be really fun. There are definitely pros and cons to it. But it is nice just being able to what you want when you want and how you want!

    1. Im super bummed you're not going too! Next time!

      Good to know. I read on a blog about the meet and greet. Fingers crossed a CM will tell me. . Was it a mad crazy mob? I'm hoping she's at the race, too, so I won't stress about it.

      Yea, apparently costumes are semi-mandatory, but Im ok with it :-)

      I'd rather the solo trip not have been Disney, but oh well! I'm excited.

      Hope you're feeling better!

  2. You're creative, I'm excited to see what you create with the sparkle skirt for Not So Scary! I just got the final touch for mine last week. I'm so excited!! And Jessica got me an accent piece -- basically if I ever get lost or you are trying to meet up with me ... you should be able to HEAR me!!!

    And really I'm just ridiculously excited about our reunion. I was even thinking about it on my run last night. I feel like this is going to be all fun and relaxing and happy and POSITIVE!!!!

    Do you have flights all taken care of? What day do you get there? What time? I think we get there Thursday around 5pm!

    1. Well, I am also getting the costume to match yall ready just in case. I think I'm having too much fun with this. I can just imagine what that piece is!

      I'm super stoked, too!! This is going to be awesome. I haven't gotten past the costume stage of thinking, but I'm sure I will do more on my long run, too!

      Yes! I get there Friday morning around 9, I think.