Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Fotogram: GC

What happens when you leave your office for lunch: 
I found out I work right by the UN.

I love love this eagle on the side of Grand Central.

 The Chandeliers in Grand Central. 
(clearly, my instagramed life revolves around my laborhood)

The Stomp Out Litter Campaign is back!
Taken on my run a few weeks ago through a plastic bag.

The reason for the late post:
I left the state for a moment. 

What do you do for labor day?


  1. What did I do for Labor Day?? Are you ready for the most obnoxious thing ever?? (Maybe not MOST, but close?) ..... I GOT ENGAGED IN LAS VEGAS!!! WHEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

    And I promise to not be all crazy wedding obsessed girl in Florida when we see each other THIS MONTH!!!

    1. I know, it's all over Facebook ;) congrats again! I'm super excited to meet him in jan.

      This month!!! YaY!! I can't believe it's almost here!!