Thursday, August 23, 2012

3 Things Thursday

1. Let's talk about the big NYRR announcement. No Bag Check. WoWsers! I'm ok with not checking a bag; wasn't planning on it anyway. I know I will have people at the finish line of this race. I generally only do it because I can or if I'm out of town and know I will be waiting on Fred to finish his full. But I see why people would be upset. NYRR's responses to the outcry makes me want to punch them in the face and I'm not even upset over it. I think it's all the pent up resentment for the shitty branding change. Glad I'm only planning on rocking this one once.

2. Tart Cherry Juice- Thoughts? I've noticed a nice little trend of it popping up for recovery. I bought some at GNC at lunch and I look forward to trying it out this weekend. . .or better yet, tonight after the gym! I had a taste and it's actually quite yummy! Just like the Vanilla Hemp Protein I got from Trader Joe's last night. The greenest threw me off, but I'm a super fan of this stuff. . .as long as it's giving me the much needed protein I'm lacking in my diet.

3. Cool website I found via someone on facebook (sorry if it was you!); Yes, it's just type on a "artsy" photos but the text is the cool part. They really had me thinking. How many can you answer right away? To be honest, I don't have answers for a lot of them, which I find interesting. I think they're perfect to answer in your journal not via a blog.

Whats going on in your Thursday?


  1. Omg, you would think NYRR just announced that they would be punching puppies in the face with the amount of anger I've seen!! That being said, I do think it's a really weird decision to make. I don't check bags at races, but I was going to for the NYCM just because the day is so long and it will be cold. I do hope the poncho will be cool, but I have my doubts! I've been enjoying watching all of the drama on Facebook. Is that weird of me? ;)

    And tart cherry juice? Delicious. I have no idea if it works, but I don't care. That stuff is yummy!!

    1. Right?! The outcry is insane, but (I think) pretty valid. NYRR has been steadily driving its members mad so I can see why so many people would be upset.

      So not weird of you, I've been watching it too. . slow work week ;)

      It is yummy! I'm a super fan.

  2. I saw that NY announcement and immediately thought of you wondering if that affected you or not!

    Then I thought - because you know the world revolves around ME ;) ..... Tower of Terror - are you checking any bag at all? I'm basically in full planning mode and trying to sort out all the minor details that might pop up.