Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sad panda.

That's what this was supposed to be originally. Instead it's super mf-ing pissed off panda. Terrible race snowballing into terrible terrible situations resulting in 2 nervous breakdowns and a panic attack. If I dont eat soon and get on a bus out of this god forsaken city, I pray for whatever gets in my way.

PS- anyone want to buy a registration to the RnR USA?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I keep forgetting I hate DC.

Yet every 6 months, I'm back and the second I get here, I remember.

Can't wait to get this over with and get the hell out of dodge.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Quick! I need your Halloween opinion!


Or just Ears?

(and there you go, Em. You got bangs. But don't judge. They need to be brushed and straightened)

Also, remember it's full blown winter here in NYC with a whooping 40 degrees and DC this weekend looks like this:

but I will be running this:

And if you have time:
Would you rather run in Sunday's weather in a skirt and knee high socks or capris?
This winter weather hitting us so quickly is totally throwing me for a loop! 

Thanks for all of your help!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tell Me About Yourself Bloggy Award

Fly has decided to nominate me for an award (YaY! and Thank you!) and seeing as I have been blogger blocked, this seems like fun, right?! 

The rules of this nomination are:

I get to tell you seven random things about myself as well as pass on the award to seven other great bloggers (see below).

Nominees, in order to accept this award you must:

-Thank and link back to the person who awarded you
-Write seven random things about yourself.
-Award seven other awesome and inspiring bloggers.

Are we ready?
7 random things you don't know about me yet:

I gave myself bangs last night. That was interesting. I haven't had a haircut since like March? It's really long now, and I only trust 2 people in the world to cut my hair. Both are in New Orleans so I'm screwed til Christmas. And I will bitch about it, every day (according to some people) til I get it cut. So, anyway, I've been missing my bangs, so I cut them myself. They're not even, but I live in Williamsburg. I can get away with it.

I ran an entire 5k last week and forgot to tell yall about that amazing accomplishment. Yes, I have finished 6 half marathons, but I have never run an entire 5k. On a treadmill, no less. It was originally "see if you can run 30 minutes straight" and then it turned into "see if you can run a 5k". I have also decided I need a present for that accomplishment, I just haven't gotten around to it.

Another present I haven't gotten around to? My lululemon for not smoking for 3 months. It's over 6 right now. But being funemployed and all, I really don't need to be buying that even if I go to the outlets.

I might be a multi- half marathoner, but I'm still lazy when it comes to walking around in New York City. I get shit for it all the time and I don't care. The less time I spend trying to navigate through idiots, the happier I am.

I have a step son. He's a 7yr old Boxer. We get along famously.

I am not packed for DC. This does not make me feel good, but whatever. It's going to be a redonkulously short trip, which actually makes me happy because I hate DC with a passion. Depending on how this trip goes, I might even be persuaded to sign up for the Run for Chocolate 15k. But I don't know, that's a lot of DC time.

I just ate an entire roll of Ritz crackers with cream cheese on top and a bag of popcorn for dinner. How's that for carb loading?

and done.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

RNR: NYC, a recap.

It's a little weird to be laying in my own bed after a RnR event. It was a little weird that I didn't have my outfit picked out last night before the race. It was a little weird I went running in Prospect Park.

Can I please just say I saw all the hiccups of the inaugural RnR NYC race coming? I haven't decided if I want to break it down as to how the RnR NYC was not a good plan on so many levels, but for now I'm just going to say New York City is a completely different animal than any other city on the planet. You cannot take a cookie cutter race that (generally) works in any city and plop it into this one and expect it to work. Just sayin.

On to the tour?
 Packet Pickup around 6:30sih? Pre-insanity.

And can I just say you cannot advertise that the closest subway stop is going to be Parkside Av and have every Q train from the city be going express. That's not cool to do to New Yorkers who know the subway, much less 7,000 people majority of which have never been to BK, just sayin.

 The start line.

 The start line again.

 The start line- wait for it- again.

And done.
It was two loops around a park. What do you want from me?

Just another 10k swag.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Good deed for the day.

I don't know how good of a plan it was to be on my feet for 4 hours the day before the race, but it's only a 10k.

It was super fun and I look forward to volunteering for more. I've decided another bucket list item is to give out medals at a race. How amazing would that be?

But let's be serious. If they're giving out bling, I'd need to be in a cast (knock on wood) not to run it.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Not to be a jerk, Shepard Fairey,

because I think you're super awesome and you are the first designer to get on board with this.

but isn't Occupy Wall street a white middle class thing?
What's up with the afro?

Then again, I could be totally wrong. I was at a diner in Wburg and there were a ton of Occupy Wall Street newsletters. I was like Score! I can finally read what this is all about- but they were all in Spanish. I took that as, I'm not supposed to know what this is about and I'm done.

I was all about learning about this protest, until when asked what their demands were, they couldn't come up with a unified answer. But then again, that was weeks ago. Have they gotten their shit together yet? I don't know. All the news is reporting about is trying to evict them to clean the park. And I'm tired of watching pointless videos on youTube in hopes they will inform me of something useful that I can form an opinion on.

I'm a person who just acquired tons of student loan debt to follow my passion and now I can't find a job (did I forget to mention that? yea. I'm funemployed.) and I also have a huge disdain for corporate America. Aren't those the same people protesting right now? Should I be down there? Are there bongos and weed smoking? because then I'm totally out.

It's a shame really. They had so much power. I hope they get it together soon and if they have gotten it together, then it would be awesome if there was some responsible journalism going on.
Until then, if someone has some insight, please let me know.

The Res

10 miles done.

I think I can get through any kind of pain or any kind of mood if I'm running on the reservoir. Its by far my favorite place to run. How do I know this? Because I just did it. ITB, Hip, Knee- oh my!

Can I also say nothing is better than homemade breakfast waiting for you when you get back? God I'm a lucky girl :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

More Rock-n-Roll in the subway.

This time on the L train.
Hope it's good enough motivation for my solo 10 miler tomorrow. My partner in crime seriously needs to make it back to the west coast soon.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Run for the Wild 5k.

Sunday morning, I woke up very early and took the hour and a half trek down to Coney Island (totally making me re-think this whole 2 races in 1 day business). Can I also say that it's kind of insane that it took the same amount of time to get from the Upper West Side as it would have from Williamsburg? That is a serious issue, MTA. Get with the program.

But I digress and move on to pictures!

 Coney Island Subway Stop.

 The New York Aquarium, the start and finish line, where we had breakfast and got to play in for the rest of the day following the race.

 The boardwalk is where the race was. I thought it was a super cool touch, until one of the other runners told me there were parts missing (i.e. holes in the boardwalk, nails bend and super unstable wood). She wasn't lying. I nearly face planted due to a misplaced nail. Oh well. I wasn't going very fast anyway due to my late long run the day before. I was also concerned that it was going to be a small race, so I might end up last, but I wasn't. It's nice to know that even though I'm slow, I'm still  faster than the people who think they're in shape but not (no offense to anyone, but you shouldn't underestimate the power of a 5k).
 I don't know what the winner's circle was, but getting to go on that dirty beach on a cool morning did not seem like winning to me. Just sayin.

 I made a new friend at the finish line (I love when races have mascots!) PS- that is not my finish time. I don't know what my time was though because this race had no chips or an actual finish line. No biggie for me, but if it were my first race, I'd be a little bummed.

 Then I met a real one (those things are HUGE, btw).

And saw a show with this guy.

Had lunch here because you have to if you're at Coney Island.
 Then took this train to get my happy behind out of there. I had a large headache and I was ready to shower and nap by the time the day's events were over.

 My super awesome souvenir.
Ok, he wasn't for me, so what? I was supposed to get a shirt with a sea turtle on it, but they were all cheesy looking and personally I think this guy is way better.

 He was named Horis.

And he's super talented. He walks down walls.

 And this is where he lives now.

It was a super cute race and I had fun. I don't know if I would do it again (alone anyway. I'd totally do it again if I could convince people to go with me) but I am looking forward to the Bronx Zoo 5k in April (especially because I think that one might be closer).

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Night time running.

I have a new first! Tonight, was my first night long run and the first time I've ever run in the park at night alone. . . Well, I had a running partner for all of a mile, but then he left me. No worries, that is one thing I hate; running with people faster than me. I feel bad that I'm holding them back, so I push myself and it doesn't end pretty. . . which is why the Disney Half is going to be a challenge. Both Fly and Fred run faster than me.

Anywhooooo. . . I also tried out running in knee high socks, for my Halloween costume. I do not know how anyone runs in them. My legs felt extremely heavy in them, or maybe it was the pizza I had for lunch. . .who knows? I'm not anti-knee high socks, I think I just need it to be cooler for me not to notice as much.

It felt amazing to run at night. Super jelly of all those Wine and Dine runners from last weekend (have you seen that medal?!) but no worries. I will be there next year. And speaking of feeling amazing, I went out with 6 miles in mind, but I came back after 8. What?! Yea. I just remembered I have 2 weekends of taper (2 10Ks and I am not going to be running any extra miles after those races. No. Way.) before my last Half of the year (<- That's insane!). I need to get miles in.

Now I'm off to bed because I have an hour and a half commute to Coney Island in the morning for a 5k and a date with some sea turtles.

Things. One and two.

Yesterday while I was at the gym (no glut pain! YaY!) I realized I still hadn't named my new Brooks. Since I bought 2 of the same pair, I was trying to decide how I was going to decipher between them when I start breaking in the other ones.

That's when genius struck. Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Don't be jealous of my cleverness.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gym a la Apt 3

I left Brooklyn with every intention of going to the gym, but I was in serious pain every time I took a step. So I decided to do yoga in my bedroom.

Now I have no pain and I'm more mentally sound than I have been in months. Ta-da! :) Why don't I do this more often?

Seriously. I think we could establish world peace with one hour of Hatha.

Don't make fun of my yoga mat. It's obnoxious and I like it!

Pain in my glute.

Did you know the Disney 5K is now called "The Fiesta 5k featuring The Three Cabarellos"?

Guess who is trying to figure out how to pack a sombrero? Yes, and I believe I have successfully convinced Fly of our dressing in theme. I'm going to have to pack Fred's and throw it on him 2 seconds before the race but I'm ok with that; and who knows? Hopefully, it will be cool enough in Orlando to need the extra layer of poncho. I'm so happy about themes. And in true sorority girl fashion, I'm most excited about the pictures that are going to look amazing!

Flights are super cheap right now, but I need to get paid from my last freelance job before I can even think of booking it. Plus, I need my bus to DC and my Savannah flight first.
Speaking of, have you seen the fab medal?

This medal marks the end of The year of the Rock-n-Roll. 

Where I will also earn this!

I am signed up for 2 already for next year, but that's it. Next year is supposed to be The year of the Disney. As much as I love the heavy medals, I'm actually looking forward to fancier ribbons.

And with the conclusion of this post, I think I must go to the gym as much as I have been procrastinating. I have this weird pain in my glut, though. Not a fan. But it is fun to say "You are a pain in my butt. No really, I'm in pain."

Hope everyone gets their workouts in today!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Thank you, CP.

Gorgeous morning for a run.
Even if getting me out of bed was like raising the dead :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Reading requires no physical activity.

Which is how I finished this book today. My immune system has finally succumbed and I caught what everyone in the city has. Which also means there was no long run today. I'd like to run tomorrow as long as this "contagion" stays above my neck- right? Isn't that the rule? As long as it's not in your chest?

On another note, this book has thoroughly disturbed me on so many levels. Why? Because it's very much a possibility.