Saturday, October 15, 2011

Not to be a jerk, Shepard Fairey,

because I think you're super awesome and you are the first designer to get on board with this.

but isn't Occupy Wall street a white middle class thing?
What's up with the afro?

Then again, I could be totally wrong. I was at a diner in Wburg and there were a ton of Occupy Wall Street newsletters. I was like Score! I can finally read what this is all about- but they were all in Spanish. I took that as, I'm not supposed to know what this is about and I'm done.

I was all about learning about this protest, until when asked what their demands were, they couldn't come up with a unified answer. But then again, that was weeks ago. Have they gotten their shit together yet? I don't know. All the news is reporting about is trying to evict them to clean the park. And I'm tired of watching pointless videos on youTube in hopes they will inform me of something useful that I can form an opinion on.

I'm a person who just acquired tons of student loan debt to follow my passion and now I can't find a job (did I forget to mention that? yea. I'm funemployed.) and I also have a huge disdain for corporate America. Aren't those the same people protesting right now? Should I be down there? Are there bongos and weed smoking? because then I'm totally out.

It's a shame really. They had so much power. I hope they get it together soon and if they have gotten it together, then it would be awesome if there was some responsible journalism going on.
Until then, if someone has some insight, please let me know.


  1. I have NO insight to this stuff - I avoid the news and politics in general. I did form an intense dislike for the Occupy people once they invaded the Portland Marathon course area and they felt superior to all of the runners. NOT COOL!!

  2. I try to also, but seeing as it's getting extremely large and it began in my town, I thought it would be a nice thing to figure out what thell it's all about. . but whatever.

    Totally not cool about invading the marathon, though. That's definitely a strike against them in my book, too!

  3. They marched down Poydras twice, and I was in the middle of it both times. Subway in hand walking back to the office from lunchtime workout at the gym. Talk about two worlds colliding.

    Anyhow, they don't really have a unified message or purpose aside from saying "Down with the Man!" Even their spokespeople in each city can't articulate a clear message. Its kinda sad. A whole lot of press with no message.

    And yes, I do believe there is a lot of pot smoking and bongo playing. I don't think that will help them in their cause.