Saturday, October 8, 2011

Things. One and two.

Yesterday while I was at the gym (no glut pain! YaY!) I realized I still hadn't named my new Brooks. Since I bought 2 of the same pair, I was trying to decide how I was going to decipher between them when I start breaking in the other ones.

That's when genius struck. Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Don't be jealous of my cleverness.


  1. Brilliant. I'm "totes jelly" as they (i.e. YOU) say!

  2. Being jealous of your cleverness has never been a concern of mine.

    Bank of America Chicago Marathon was my first full out of Nike's and in Brooks. I think I am in love (and we know I never take that word lightly). Don't ever look back, no never look back.

  3. haha! Thanks, Fly and you can shove it, Fred :-)