Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sad panda.

That's what this was supposed to be originally. Instead it's super mf-ing pissed off panda. Terrible race snowballing into terrible terrible situations resulting in 2 nervous breakdowns and a panic attack. If I dont eat soon and get on a bus out of this god forsaken city, I pray for whatever gets in my way.

PS- anyone want to buy a registration to the RnR USA?


  1. I've heard many comments about the MCM that pretty much mirror your thoughts. At least you know not to sign up next year. That sucks that it sucked so badly.

  2. At my race I had a couple mental breakdowns - with the crying started at the 15K mark. It was not a good weekend for running I think.

    In happy news ... our WDW capris/skirt are soooo comfy! Very neon. Very comfy!