Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When it's time to retire your running shoes.

Do you have different levels of running shoes?

 R to L: Fully functioning, Treadmill only, Retired

In packing for the Princess Half, I came across an upsetting revelation. My favorite Purple PureFlows really need to be retired. Thank goodness for randomly looking at the bottoms (disclaimer: please don't follow my example). I knew it was bad when I compared the tread to those I retired many months ago (and now only use to run errands) and those had more tread. Yikes! Remember that knee pain? No. Wonder. I was hoping they could get me through Princess -what's 13.1 more miles?!- but after seeing the seriously worn down rubber, I just can't do it in good conscious. That, my friends, is a sure way to get to Injury Land, instead of  Willingly- Ready-For-A-Break Land, where I would like to be going after this weekend.

But like the typical girl I can be, I'm a tad attached to these- and for good reason! These were the shoes that got me through both of my marathons. I spent longer than I should have a minute being sad about it, but still packed them as my park shoes. I feel like they need one more woo-rah! before I retire them for good. Fine. I need it.

Running lesson for the month: 
Training for two marathons will run down your shoes faster. So will running in minimalist.

But all is not lost! I have backup. I bought a couple of pairs on super sale last month. Sidenote: Who knew size 10.5 was such a popular running shoe size? I wanted to buy every color, but these were the only ones available.

YaY! for Super Sale when the annual new version comes out.
Do you get attached to your running shoes? 
Do you have a specific cycle to getting new shoes?

Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day Long weekend

Considering it didn't really click that this was a holiday weekend, until about Friday at 5pm, I think I did pretty good for myself when left to my own devices! Granted, there has been a lot of sitting on the couch. . .but a lot of productivity too.

Things I've done:

-Kicked off the weekend with a late Birthday dinner with great company!
-Cleaned the apartment for the dog sitter next weekend
-1st attempt at packing for Princess weekend
-2nd attempt at packing for Princess weekend
-Finished sewing hot gluing my costume
-Contemplated not dressing up. Bringing back up outfits just in case. 
-Got a bang trim to look presentable in front of the future in-laws.
-Product tested some awesome lip balms (gotta love my job!)
-Updated my play lists and movies on all Apple devices for flight
-Squeezed in a "long" run- as in I did a 5k on the treadmill yesterday. That's as long as they're getting until next weekend's race. With the cold and windy weather, I decided to go to the gym- I'm tapering for a race that is fore-casted to be in the 80s after all (Dear FL weather- just in case you didn't get the memo, you have one race to redeem yourself or you will forever be dead to me. Get it together.) Not gonna lie, those miles sucked. I need to get mentally back in the game for next weekend. 
Well helllo my favorite race shirt ever.

-Yummy brunch with some French Onion Soup I've been craving.
-Impromptu shopping trip for new post-race shoes, which I can't wait to test out! 
Trampolines in Lululemon's dressing room- genius or insane?
-Cooked some food- I'm not usually a food sharing type of gal, but I'm proud I came up with this! I bought some arugula for pulled pork tacos, but needed to get rid of the rest of it before next weekend. So, voila! Just add feta, arugula, leftover tabbouleh (sans tomatoes bc I don't like them- and not my grandma's, but it will have to do!) and a tad of chai seeds inside a toasted pita= yummy.  Next up? I want to try this spaghetti squash thing thanks to Jaime- maybe? Does it taste like pasta? (Don't worry, babe. I won't make you try it ;) Am I being too food adventurous for my own good?

-Tried to make a sock bun, but failed miserably. 
-Then tried to take a picture of it and failed at that, too. 

You're welcome.

- And most importantly, I've been in charge of the cutest step-son ever -Heaven help him- with who I must get back to playing fetch now. 
Who can say no to this face?! 

How are you spending your long weekend?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Long Run 1. Winter 0.

Thanks to Nemo, this week's long run was on Sunday again. It was also another midday run- and apparently, I didn't learning anything from last week. I was shoving food in my mouth as I jumped on the subway for a glorious run in the snow covered Central Park. At least this time I remembered to charge this! I shot for 10 miles and wish I would've stuck to the plan of 8. 

Apparently nothing wanted to work in the cold temps. Around Mile 4, everything needed a reboot- my iPod wouldn't start, my gymboss went crazy and my right knee really wanted me to know it existed. The left one didn't want to be left out, so  it wouldn't miss a beat as soon as the right would feel better. And to top it off, man, does endurance disappear quick! I felt like I had done at least 18. That fact was also a big mantra of the day- "at least it's not 18. at least it's not 18". Along with "I am so ready for a break" and "Why am I doing this?!". I also came to realize that I've been blessed with (for the most part) pain-free running for awhile, so I didn't beat myself up too much for walking when my knee refused to allow me to do anything faster. I was going to stop around mile 8 because of it, but being that I set the course 10 miles from where I left my bags, I had no choice but to finish.
I blamed the cold weather and the possibility that I need new shoes, but once consulting with twitter MD (NOT suggested a real way to diagnosis! but other runners are always a good sounding board) it turned out I'm 99% positive it's my IT Band- because along with endurance, my maintenance has gone with the wind apparently. I couldn't remember the last time I foam rolled (Hi Baby! I love you ;) and when I did- Yowsers!! Ding Ding Ding! Looks like that's what I'll be focusing on during the taper!

Thank goodness no more long runs until the big day! I am beyond ready for a real break from running- not just a couple of weeks for recovery. Here's hoping I still feel that way after the race!

How do you know when you're ready for a break from running?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Three Things on another Thursday.

. I did a 5K on the treadmill in 40 minutes. There was a lot of walking and a lot of 10minute mile pace. I haven't run that fast since before marathon training and it felt really good.

. Dear Nemo- please don't completely mess up my last chance at a long run before Princess. I've been really good this winter, even though you're killing me with these single digit "feels like"s. I accept the fact that its February and completely normal for it to snow. However, trying to make up for the lack of it all season this weekend doesn't work for me. K? Thanks.

. If I am stuck inside all weekend, all is not lost. I have some fins to make :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The non-running part of WDW Marathon weekend

Bringing the African theme of my life full circle. . . . 

If you ever get a chance to stay at The Animal Kingdom Lodge, do it! You won't be disappointed.

When they said animals are right outside your window, they weren't kidding! 
Our area of the savanna was usually quiet in the morning, but very popular in the afternoons. Even if your room doesn't look out onto savannas, there are tons of community viewing places with rocking chairs and shade. I absolutely loved that the hotel was just one really big building. It was nice not having to travel from building to building. 
The bunk beds. . .good idea in theory. Actuality? Maaaybe not for marathon weekend. They were really made for kids, so the spacing of ladder steps were awkward and the opening was small. Just imagine climbing up and down as an adult in the dark the night before a marathon with a nervous bladder. Not pleasant to say the least! 
Every day, guests can take a tour of the 2 restaurants in The Animal Kingdom Lodge, Boma and Jiko. It was really interesting how they explained why specific design elements were used. This was totally up my alley. As an added bonus, you could sample their soups and desserts at Boma and homemade bread with spreads at Jiko.

We made it to Africa!

The day after the marathon, we got up early and headed to Animal Kingdom. I was really excited, because even though I spent close to a year working there, I didn't travel much outside of DinoLand USA. Even when coming back to the parks on vacation, DAK wasn't usually high on my priority list (I know, shame on me!) To be honest, Fred had to tell me what Tusker House even was. But once I found out it was a character buffet that was it! I made reservations for an early brunch for the day after the marathon. This idea was genius, if I do say so myself (can't take credit; this was an awesome tip from a fellow blogger/ runner). The Runger hadn't really hit the night of the marathon, but the next day it was in full force! A buffet full of glorious yummies was exactly what I needed.
Since I booked the reservations later, we had time to go on Kilamanrajo Safari- which, again, worked out perfect! The rumors are true. When you go to Animal Kingdom, go first thing and ride the safari. The line tends to be non-existent and it's feeding time, so there are tons of animals! I was almost shocked at how many different animals we got to see. It's definitely something to do! I found it comical that the little girl sitting behind us was convinced the animals were fake. Afterall, we were at Disney; everything is supposed to be make believe! 

Brunch was the most amazing thing I think I've ever eaten. . . and I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact I had run a marathon the day before and skipped breakfast. Either way, I was a very happy camper after the meal. A character buffet the day after a marathon/ half (I dont think it work the same the day of. I wasn't that hungry) is seriously the most genius idea ever, and I will forever rave about it. Not only could I eat as much as 5 men I wanted, I didn't have to chase down Mickey (or Donald, Goofy, or Daisy!) to get a picture with him. They all came to me! 

He really liked it medal.

On our way to Asia, we got to see DiVine! I had always heard about her, but this was my 1st time seeing her. It was pretty cool! 

I wish we would've had more time in the park, but we had a few missions. We hopped over to Epcot and rode the new Test Track (not worth the 40 minute standby line IMHO) and then over to The Studios to end the day with Fantasmic! 

We got our picture with Wreck it Ralph, which made my trip complete!

On our walk to the theater, we noticed Lumiere and Cogsworth were doing meet and greets, too! (apparently that's what happens when they cancel all of the Beauty and The Beast shows for the day.)
Total Cherry on top!

What's makes your trips to Disney amazing?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Midday Long Run

I am not normally a midday runner. Early morning long runs or after work is the usual routine. But seeing as it is winter, I thought I'd take advantage and sleep in.

With that being said, here are a few tips if you're new to this:

Lay out everything like you would normally the night before. That Garmin (the one you haven't even unpacked since your marathon 2 weeks ago?) isn't going to charge itself. Oops. Luckily, even after a marathon and being turned off for 2 weeks, he had juice in him. Same goes for the iPod. Clearly, the universe knew I needed to run.

While you're taking advantage of a lazy morning, eating something might be a good idea. Remembering you hadn't 5 minutes before walking out the door and then shoving a protein bar in your mouth isn't recommended.

Even if its 1pm, it's still winter and the "feels like" is still in the 20s. Gloves shouldn't be optional.

And just in case this is your first long run after resting: Wear your marathon race shirt, to remind yourself that even though this 6 (which ended up being 7) miler might mostly suck, you are still a marathoner and even if you never run another mile in your life, no one can take that title away from you. (this really helps)

In the end, it felt really good to be out there and I really kind of like this midday stuff. Maybe I'll try it again next weekend!