Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Long Run 1. Winter 0.

Thanks to Nemo, this week's long run was on Sunday again. It was also another midday run- and apparently, I didn't learning anything from last week. I was shoving food in my mouth as I jumped on the subway for a glorious run in the snow covered Central Park. At least this time I remembered to charge this! I shot for 10 miles and wish I would've stuck to the plan of 8. 

Apparently nothing wanted to work in the cold temps. Around Mile 4, everything needed a reboot- my iPod wouldn't start, my gymboss went crazy and my right knee really wanted me to know it existed. The left one didn't want to be left out, so  it wouldn't miss a beat as soon as the right would feel better. And to top it off, man, does endurance disappear quick! I felt like I had done at least 18. That fact was also a big mantra of the day- "at least it's not 18. at least it's not 18". Along with "I am so ready for a break" and "Why am I doing this?!". I also came to realize that I've been blessed with (for the most part) pain-free running for awhile, so I didn't beat myself up too much for walking when my knee refused to allow me to do anything faster. I was going to stop around mile 8 because of it, but being that I set the course 10 miles from where I left my bags, I had no choice but to finish.
I blamed the cold weather and the possibility that I need new shoes, but once consulting with twitter MD (NOT suggested a real way to diagnosis! but other runners are always a good sounding board) it turned out I'm 99% positive it's my IT Band- because along with endurance, my maintenance has gone with the wind apparently. I couldn't remember the last time I foam rolled (Hi Baby! I love you ;) and when I did- Yowsers!! Ding Ding Ding! Looks like that's what I'll be focusing on during the taper!

Thank goodness no more long runs until the big day! I am beyond ready for a real break from running- not just a couple of weeks for recovery. Here's hoping I still feel that way after the race!

How do you know when you're ready for a break from running?


  1. Good job on your long run!

    So I'm curious, where does one leave a bag when running in Central Park? (you mentioned having to run 10 to get back to your bags but maybe misunderstood that...)

    The stick roller thing really helps, too.

    1. Thanks! How is Ragnar training?

      My bag was at one of the running stores by the park. Most running stores close to the park have a bag drop area in the store- I just found that out! Usually I won't bring anything with me, but it was cold and I wanted something dry to change into asap.

      The stick and I are BFFs too. . . I feel like it only works best on my calves.

    2. Ragnar is creeping up!! But I think I'm still doing pretty well- my longest leg is only 8 miles, I think.

      That's really cool that they offer bag drops! How convenient.

      Princess is almost here- wish I was going, too. :)

  2. Oh no, hate to read about IT band problems. You can roll and roll all you want, but it will only get so much better. When I had IT band issues, I read a lot about the cause; turns out it's a hip strength issue. There are lots of resources out there for runners looking to strengthen their hips. Hope it works for you. Strength work was what finally worked for me.

  3. I always feel that way right before a big race- completely burnt out and looking forward to a break. But after the race, I'm itching to run again! Of course, if you're injured or achy, definitely take a chunk of time to recover really well. Congrats on the last long one done!

  4. Way to tough it out. It's so hard to get out and run on a day like that. Race day is almost here!!

  5. I am feeling the burn out too. I think mine has a lot do with the weather - we aren't having bad weather by any means, but the constant gray and cloudy is getting to me. Yay for taper and yay for Princess!!