Sunday, February 3, 2013

Midday Long Run

I am not normally a midday runner. Early morning long runs or after work is the usual routine. But seeing as it is winter, I thought I'd take advantage and sleep in.

With that being said, here are a few tips if you're new to this:

Lay out everything like you would normally the night before. That Garmin (the one you haven't even unpacked since your marathon 2 weeks ago?) isn't going to charge itself. Oops. Luckily, even after a marathon and being turned off for 2 weeks, he had juice in him. Same goes for the iPod. Clearly, the universe knew I needed to run.

While you're taking advantage of a lazy morning, eating something might be a good idea. Remembering you hadn't 5 minutes before walking out the door and then shoving a protein bar in your mouth isn't recommended.

Even if its 1pm, it's still winter and the "feels like" is still in the 20s. Gloves shouldn't be optional.

And just in case this is your first long run after resting: Wear your marathon race shirt, to remind yourself that even though this 6 (which ended up being 7) miler might mostly suck, you are still a marathoner and even if you never run another mile in your life, no one can take that title away from you. (this really helps)

In the end, it felt really good to be out there and I really kind of like this midday stuff. Maybe I'll try it again next weekend!


  1. This is inspiring. I think tomorrow after work I need to go home, put on my marathon shirt and finally run!!

    1. Glad it could help you get inspired!

      I hate to admit that I feel so much better after it, too.

  2. Super sexy shirt. Where can I get one? ;)

    I think I slept in my first half marathon shirt every night for like 2 months (yes, I did wash it!) after I got it. I wore it pretty much any time I was at home.

    1. Ha! You totally have your own- AND an awesome yellow one and an even cooler orange one. I'm so jealous.

      I should stop working out in mine and do that. . I'm trying to wear all of my runDisney's from last year. I'm hoping that ton of ink will loosen and it will be comfortable to wear.

    2. The runDisney shirts are THE WORST. I complain about them all of the time. BUT I have to say, their women's themed shirts are pretty comfy and nice. I don't know if you've done Princess before or if this upcoming one is your first, but I have one from Princess and Tink and both of those are nice and actually fit. All of the DL and WDW unisex shirts are terrible.

      It would be great id rD hired you to being the designer...just a thought. ;)

    3. This is my 1st Princess and 1st female cut rD shirt!

      Something has to be done! Maybe I will figure out how to start a petition. They CLEARLY state in their programs that more women run their races. We just all have to ban together!

      That would be nice :)