Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day Long weekend

Considering it didn't really click that this was a holiday weekend, until about Friday at 5pm, I think I did pretty good for myself when left to my own devices! Granted, there has been a lot of sitting on the couch. . .but a lot of productivity too.

Things I've done:

-Kicked off the weekend with a late Birthday dinner with great company!
-Cleaned the apartment for the dog sitter next weekend
-1st attempt at packing for Princess weekend
-2nd attempt at packing for Princess weekend
-Finished sewing hot gluing my costume
-Contemplated not dressing up. Bringing back up outfits just in case. 
-Got a bang trim to look presentable in front of the future in-laws.
-Product tested some awesome lip balms (gotta love my job!)
-Updated my play lists and movies on all Apple devices for flight
-Squeezed in a "long" run- as in I did a 5k on the treadmill yesterday. That's as long as they're getting until next weekend's race. With the cold and windy weather, I decided to go to the gym- I'm tapering for a race that is fore-casted to be in the 80s after all (Dear FL weather- just in case you didn't get the memo, you have one race to redeem yourself or you will forever be dead to me. Get it together.) Not gonna lie, those miles sucked. I need to get mentally back in the game for next weekend. 
Well helllo my favorite race shirt ever.

-Yummy brunch with some French Onion Soup I've been craving.
-Impromptu shopping trip for new post-race shoes, which I can't wait to test out! 
Trampolines in Lululemon's dressing room- genius or insane?
-Cooked some food- I'm not usually a food sharing type of gal, but I'm proud I came up with this! I bought some arugula for pulled pork tacos, but needed to get rid of the rest of it before next weekend. So, voila! Just add feta, arugula, leftover tabbouleh (sans tomatoes bc I don't like them- and not my grandma's, but it will have to do!) and a tad of chai seeds inside a toasted pita= yummy.  Next up? I want to try this spaghetti squash thing thanks to Jaime- maybe? Does it taste like pasta? (Don't worry, babe. I won't make you try it ;) Am I being too food adventurous for my own good?

-Tried to make a sock bun, but failed miserably. 
-Then tried to take a picture of it and failed at that, too. 

You're welcome.

- And most importantly, I've been in charge of the cutest step-son ever -Heaven help him- with who I must get back to playing fetch now. 
Who can say no to this face?! 

How are you spending your long weekend?


  1. That face is pretty damn cute! Spaghetti squash is a pretty good substitute for pasta. No, you can't trick yourself into believing it's pasta, but if you put stuff on it that you would normally put on pasta, it's pretty good. And hey, I only used Ragu, so I'm sure it's better when you use better toppings.

    1. Oh. Good to know about the taste. I think I'll drown it in something so I can't tell- but then what's the point then? :)

  2. I've been wanting to make a spaghetti squash recipe too!! One of these days I might actually do it! Ha! Unfortunately I did not make it to my hair stylist (I'm in desperate need of a cut) so when (not if because it will happen) we meet up and take the obligatory pic - don't mind my crazy hair! Ha! Aw, your step-son is a cutie!!

    1. No worries about the hair- it looked amazing for 3AM on a Sunday pre-race!

  3. You are bringing back-up costumes?? Well now I'm dying to know if (OMG I almost called him Flipper!) Flounder wins or not. I won't text you to ask since it is 11:23 pm to you right now and you are running in just a few hours. Oh heck, you'll be up to get ready before I go to sleep. I'll wait!

    1. haha. Yes. Flounder won. Only because I put so much time and energy into it. Luckily the rain held off.