Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wardrobe question. . .again.

Did I mention that while I was home, we went to the Nike outlet and I got 2 amazing running skirts (one pictured here and one below) and 2 running shorts (that I don't like to run in but will use them to sleep in) for $23?! Yes. $23. I was so excited, my mother and my sister almost left me at the outlets because they were tired of hearing about my amazing savings. What? Running skirts are not cheap, people!

Ignore all those stuff on the wall, please.

Since my relay partner and I aren't going as Chip-n-Dale anymore, I was thinking I want to wear this skirt. . .but with what? How can I make it into a cute character? I also have a cute grey Nike skirt with ruffles that I wouldn't mind wearing.

Cute grey skirt with ruffles I wouldn't mind wearing.

Anyone have any ideas for either skirt?

My other race outfits are pretty much ready to go, but not my last one. Let's just say, I'm really glad I'm flying JetBlue and I can check a bag for free because there is so much stuff I need to pack for this upcoming weekend. 3 races= 3 race outfits + options for hot and cold weather for each race. . . every year the weather is different. One year it was super hot, the next it snowed. Then all the regular stuff has to go, along with clothes for after the race (x3), my ice baths (x2) and then clothes to wear when I leave the room (x3). . . a fancy outfit maybe for celebratory dinner? Plus, don't forget to leave room for all the amazing crap I'm going to buy at the expo. It's all very complicated, I know.

Lord help me keep my luggage under 50 pounds!

Friday, December 30, 2011

What a difference a year makes.

How's everyone's 2nd to last day of 2011 going? Mine is much better now that I remembered I own a Netipot. Unfortunately, I remembered a day late and this ickness traveled to my chest but I walked on the treadmill anyway. I can't decide if I want my last long run to be tomorrow morning or Sunday. I'm sure it will depend on how I feel.

On a personal note, 2011 kind of rocked. Only 2 really life altering shitastical things happened. . but they happened for a reason and I have come to terms with that, or at least I'm working on it. There was so much life altering good things, too, that at worst they balanced the bad out and at best, they made me into a better person. So much personal growth this year, if I was a plant, I'd totally be Jack's beanstalk (hello, Giant!). And I found my person, what more could I ask for? My road to amazingness has grown by miles, literally! but I digress.

I was going to follow the trend and write up a yearly review. . but I'm a slacker. To be honest, I don't think it's actually hit me that I've been an active human, much less an endurance althete, for an entire year. Last year this time, I still wasn't sure I was going to actually follow through and run the half marathon I signed up for. 25 races later, I just got accepted to run the race that changed my life last year. Twenty five races. Can you believe it?!

7 half marathons. 
7 10ks. 
1 5 miler (my first race ever). 
3 4 milers. 
1 6k. 
5 5ks. 
1 mud run. 

All this in one year from a former smoker (who actually ran a bunch of those races as a smoker) who couldn't even say the only time she would run is to catch a bus (that is something I still don't do, btw).

I have committed to starting off 2012 by running 29.3 miles in one weekend and ending it by running a full marathon. The girl I was a year ago, would have laughed at you. The girl that I am today, still thinks it's crazy but is so excited to see if I'm capable of it (which I already know I am. . . or at least that's what I'm going to tell myself to get through it).

I hope everyone's year brought them at least some amazingness and I can't wait to see what's in store for all of us next year!

nychalf2012 lottery.

I'm in! Thank you, lottery gods.

Apparently it's not slanted against New Yorkers because almost all of my fellow runner friends got in too.

Now. Who wants to buy my RnR DC bib? $60 and it's yours!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First day back!

My holiday vacation has officially ended. I am back in New York with a cold. Boo.
And I have also decided to take 3 days off of training. Not on purpose though. Monday was a rest day, yesterday was a pack day and today has been a try-not-to-die day. I know. I know. I'm on it tomorrow, hopefully.

So this is what I've been doing:

 A new-to-me iPad from my favorite elf + a Netflix account= my day.
I've spent the day playing and trying to figure it out.  My priority is trying to figure out how to read blogs on it, how to blog from it and how to access eBooks from the library.

 I also forgot to mention I am an aunt again to a tea cup Malti-poo named Fluffy (who is not actually "fluffy" right now, more like a Q-tip). He is super tiny! My brother and his gf were having trouble finding a sweater that fit him, so I crocheted him one over the holidays. I haven't even crocheted my own adorable dog or step son a sweater yet (I know. I'm a terrible Mom). 
Too bad I'm allergic to him ;-(

My non-Christmas present from Fred, which my elf and I will be turning into a medal hanger. 
(Let's be real, I'm just going to "supervise" that.)
How amazing right?! We first saw this when we went to the Target in Savannah and thought it would be perfect as a medal hanger if we could figure out how to add the hooks. I always said I was going to order it online so I never had to risk breaking it during a flight, but I never got around to it. But Fred surprised me with it! YaY! Now, the fun part is going to be deciding how I want the hooks to be. 
Any ideas?

Monday, December 26, 2011

Lafreniere Park fun and training.

Miraculously, I woke up on Christmas morning and finished my b2b 8 mile run. How I managed this is still a mystery. Christmas eve was action packed full of activities sans a nap. Helping Santa also took longer than expected, so when 5:30am rolled around, I really have no idea I actually got out of bed.

The first 3 times nearly killed me. Even with the ice bath, I didn't think I could do it. It was terrible, yall. But then? It was ok. I was good. It felt like I just had to run the rust from the day before off. It still sucked, but it became bearable. Then? It started raining. It would only rain for 5 or so minutes at a time and by the time I had dried off from one shower, it would start again. I had half a mind to just end it early, but I decided since I was already wet and nowhere near the car, I should just suck it up. I'm glad I got that run out of the way. It really helped me believe I can actually do this and survive. So YaY! And YaY! for a rest day.

The second leg run I decided to run through Lafreniere park. This is what it looked like that morning:
Rainy and Gross. Booo.

 Chickens. Seriously.

Lots of ducks, too.

A few nights ago, this is what looked like:

We went to see the lights that used to be in front of Al Copeland's (the founder of Popeye's) house. The amount of lights were so obnoxious, his neighbors complained and he donated the light to the park and that's where they live now.

 Saints and The Lombardi trophy.

 Mr. Bingle is a New Orleans tradition.

 A Crawfish boil!

 Then we got out and walked through.

 This is what they did when I told them to look cute.

 Me, my momma and my favorite nieces!

 They're super fun.

They wish.

How's everyone else's training going? What about your holidays?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas Eve!
 7 am 8 miler. Boo.
(ignore the dirty mirror. 2 elves had a fight. . . more on that later)
This training during the holidays sucks. I'm going to have to run my second run on Christmas morning, which means no drinking tonight. Ugh. This is my favorite night of the year to drink! Anyway. 

During this morning's run a dog chased me for 2 miles. What? That does not happen in New York City. It was the first time I really did not like a dog. It came close to tripping me a few times and if I would have gotten hurt. . . that dog would've been in big trouble.

 Post run ice bath.
I figured this is going to be the best I can get at training, so I might as well do everything like race day. The only thing is the ice melted within the first 5 minutes and I didn't have anymore.
Anyone else have this problem? Am I doing this wrong?

 Post run present wrapping.
There will be a few boxes under the tree with a note like this included. 
Damn you online shopping and Seriously, mom? You asked for a cuckoo clock 2 days before Christmas. Where the hell was I supposed to pull that one from?! 

 This is what the $1 roll of wrapping paper from Target will wrap.
Thats all my presents. Boo-ya! to my seester for making fun of me.

What did your day look like?

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Nutcracker.

First time!

Best running partner ever.

My 8 (almost 9) year old niece.
After our morning outing of extreme outlet mall shopping (my family happens to be professionals. They have it down to a science, seriously), I had a few extra hours before we go to the Nutcracker (which I've never been to) so I decided to go for a run. My niece decided to join me on her bike and played tour guide because I didn't know how to get to the levee from our street. It would've been a pretty run, but today was the first time you needed a jacket. Boo.
 On the way up.

 On top. That's Lake Ponchartrain. The same one that broke the levee during Katrina. We live in a different area, though. Fun fact: The houses closer to the levee on my street did not flood and those farther down the street did. Weird, right? Mine did not.

On the road on the other side.

It was a good run. I only did yoga once after my b2b run this weekend, so I knew I had to run. I think I'm going to try to do another b2b run tomorrow and Christmas morning. .  but we will see. 

Anyway, the reason why my most awesome niece was the best running partner ever? She talks. a lot. I didn't even notice the miles going by because I was listening to her. What she was talking about? I have no idea but it helped me get through it. She's pretty awesome. 
(Don't worry, PIC, you could never be replaced!)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

even if it doesn't feel like it. I'm in a sun dress and boots and sweating in them. Something is seriously wrong with this picture, NOLA.

Not that I'm complaining. It's just hard I get into it, this year especially, and the weather isn't helping much. And I would like to wear my amazing faux leather jacket. Just sayin.

Ever since Mercedes bought the naming rights to the Superdome and the jokes were made about putting a hood ornament on top of it, I still expect to see one when I pass it. Is that just me?

Back to Back Training has begun.

First day of b2b training and survey says: It SUCKS. It felt like I had never run 6 miles in my life (even though I ran 6 the day before) I had to really dig deep for some inspiration. I was tired and mentally not in it but I did it.

Did I mention I did my 2nd leg of b2b running here:

It wasn't the smartest of moves. I know. I don't know what I was thinking. The weather was gorgeous for running. I think I need to build up to running in my parent's neighborhood, just like it took me 8 months to run in my own. . and I don't have that kind of time. So, I figured I'd run on the treadmill. I read somewhere on the internets that it makes you mentally stronger and I clearly needed that. But my god, it was not fun.

But I got through it! I really hate that I don't have enough time to properly train, but I will keep doing as much as I can before Jan. 5.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday season!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Ole Man River 5k (and half marathon)

Originally, the reason I was going home for the holidays so early, was to run this half marathon. Since, I am coming off of the hip injury, I decided it wasn't worth getting hurt again. . .that medal wasn't worth possibly losing the 3 I've been dreaming about for a year!

So, I did the 5k instead and added 3 more miles to get 6 in while I waited for Fred to finish the half. I decided not to run with my phone and I regretted every minute of it. I wanted to document City Park for all of you. It's a gorgeous park (even prettier than CP) with tons of large ponds and the home of NOMA (New Orleans Museum of Art). When I went back and retraced the 5k track to get my other 3 miles in, I tried to get as many pictures as I could.

 I love love love the trees! 

 Storyland was a fave place to go when I was a kid- Any NOLA kids, remember the yellow keys?! 

 All the ponds have fountains.

 This pavillion is a fave for wedding pictures.

 More gorgeous trees.

 I remember many many days on this playground.

 There used to be a candy store in here and this is where I got the candy dots. I loved them.


 NOMA closer.

 Another tree.

 I have a thing for trees. so?

 PS- this stuff tasted just like paste. Yes, I know what actual paste tastes like because 
I was that kid who ate it. Did you expect anything less? 
Do these things have an expiration date? 
 Fred warned me they were old, which might be a reason for the paste taste.

 The finish line festivities.

 Yes, the finish was at Tad Gromley Stadium. That was cool getting to run around the track.

 Fred finishing the half. I thought I'd be able to spot him easily in his RnR shirt, but hello. We were in New Orleans- there were a lot of those shirts.

 Post race pic. We were enjoying the warmth of the car pre-race. 
(we were literally parked right next to the start line)

And done!

Friday, December 16, 2011

NYC Parks Dept. should get coal for Christmas.

Remember when I ran this amazing race?

Apparently New York City is still as douchey as I always say it is. The parks denied the permit for the upcoming Christmas race. Seriously?! From what I read on their site, the excuses are bogus. Does NYRR have this much trouble? We all know they have a monopoly on Central Park, but what's up with Van Cortlandt?

Admittedly, the T-Day race was the first time I ventured up that way into the Bronx and if nothing else, it was a new experience a New Yorker should have. I personally wasn't a fan of trail running (and I was wondering why on the course map it said I'd only have to do 1 loop, but when I got there I had to do 2), but there are a ton of runners who do and denying permits with no good reason is just wrong.

This is a great concept that that should be embraced for it's effort to include everyone in the sport of running, not denied because it doesn't charge an arm and a leg (coughNYCHalfcough) or jump the right hoops into the exclusive world of NYC races.

The races are now being held in Yonkers. How is a New Yorker without a car supposed to get there?! (Granted, I haven't looked it up, but I'm ignorantly assuming it's not subway accessible)

Not cool, NYC. Really not cool.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cherry picked.

I won the lottery!

I think the Universe is messing with me.
Let's just hope getting into this race didn't use up all my lottery mojo. I'm still hoping I get into the NYC Half, so I don't have to run the RnR DC Half (they're the same weekend. . although one is on Saturday and the other is on Sunday. . . hmmmm). I don't think I can handle DC twice in 2 months.

But I will admit going to the Cherry Blossom Festival is on my to-do list. I hear it's beautiful. . . maybe enough to change my mind about the devil-ridden city? I don't know. But don't get it twisted, DC and I are not friends. . . yet. And that pink jacket on the website looks mighty cute.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Instagram and LemeLeme

Soooooo, if you've been reading my blog, you know I'm a fan of the iPhone app, Instagram. I like it, bc I can take a normal pic with my camera then drop it in instagram and play with all kinds of filters. So, either way you have the original picture incase you f-up your instragram. Unlike, Hipstamatic, which I feel is for elitist photographer wannabes (or I'm just bitter I can't figure it out)- you have to take the picture in their app with a weird peephole and hope to Allah it comes out how you wanted. If you're a photographer and understand all that stuff, I'm sure it's amazing for you. I, however, do not get it and am lazy.

Moving on, Friday night at Jingle Ball, Instagram was set up outside MSG. The cool part? If you took a pic at the concert and tagged it with the #Z100onfuse, the pic would be sent to them and they'd print it out for you. I am a super fan of this, except the photo paper quality was seriously lacking. I've been to a few parties where they have something similar and the photos are better. Still an awesome concept, though. I loved that you didn't have to be at a specific place (i.e. a booth or in front of a specific camera), all you had to do was put the hashtag and it sent it from your phone.

Yes, we hijacked a mobile Rangers stand and took a pic in it.

This is when I found out about another awesome like app,  lemeleme! Same concept, cooler filters.
Check it out:
 Instagram: Walden (I think)

 lemeleme: Godfather

lemeleme: Crayon

Those are just the more different ones, but generally the filters are the same. Anyway, I'm still a hardcore Instagram fan but lemeleme is awesome, too! Just thought I'd share the wealth of info.

Anyone have a different one they use?