Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wardrobe question. . .again.

Did I mention that while I was home, we went to the Nike outlet and I got 2 amazing running skirts (one pictured here and one below) and 2 running shorts (that I don't like to run in but will use them to sleep in) for $23?! Yes. $23. I was so excited, my mother and my sister almost left me at the outlets because they were tired of hearing about my amazing savings. What? Running skirts are not cheap, people!

Ignore all those stuff on the wall, please.

Since my relay partner and I aren't going as Chip-n-Dale anymore, I was thinking I want to wear this skirt. . .but with what? How can I make it into a cute character? I also have a cute grey Nike skirt with ruffles that I wouldn't mind wearing.

Cute grey skirt with ruffles I wouldn't mind wearing.

Anyone have any ideas for either skirt?

My other race outfits are pretty much ready to go, but not my last one. Let's just say, I'm really glad I'm flying JetBlue and I can check a bag for free because there is so much stuff I need to pack for this upcoming weekend. 3 races= 3 race outfits + options for hot and cold weather for each race. . . every year the weather is different. One year it was super hot, the next it snowed. Then all the regular stuff has to go, along with clothes for after the race (x3), my ice baths (x2) and then clothes to wear when I leave the room (x3). . . a fancy outfit maybe for celebratory dinner? Plus, don't forget to leave room for all the amazing crap I'm going to buy at the expo. It's all very complicated, I know.

Lord help me keep my luggage under 50 pounds!



    I'd try to give you fashion advice - but I'm busy working on my relay playlist - which has to be extra long since I'll be extra slow. AND I have to figure out all of my running options with this talk of warm weather.

    It would be so awesome if we end up running the relay together, too!

  2. Agreed! I'm going to add some Disney songs to my playlist to get me through.

    And I'm actually really happy about warm but I'm going to pack cool too.

    Yes! I pray my relay partner trained really hard and is as fast as yours! Bc I doubt I will be catching up to you and your 9min miles!!

  3. Oh please .... I seriously cannot run that fast! Especially since I started doing the whole run/walk thing. But I like running so much more now that I do that. My 9 minute miles are saved for runs 3 miles or less!!

  4. No - really - at the half you'll see. I'm a total slacker and I'm going to try to get you guys to walk all the freaking time!
    Speaking of, I better get the cameras all charged because we are going to have to stop at the character stops. I mean, duh! :)

  5. I don't think you're going to need as many walk breaks when you see how slow I am. And if I do t get over this cold soon I'm gonna cry.

    Yes. I think we should stop at every character stop. How close together are they?

  6. At the Princess they seemed perfectly spaced. We'd just run from one stop to another and get in line. But even then that was A LOT of running. Oy! At the expo they had a huge map with icons to show what characters were where. We can totally stake that out!