Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Instagram and LemeLeme

Soooooo, if you've been reading my blog, you know I'm a fan of the iPhone app, Instagram. I like it, bc I can take a normal pic with my camera then drop it in instagram and play with all kinds of filters. So, either way you have the original picture incase you f-up your instragram. Unlike, Hipstamatic, which I feel is for elitist photographer wannabes (or I'm just bitter I can't figure it out)- you have to take the picture in their app with a weird peephole and hope to Allah it comes out how you wanted. If you're a photographer and understand all that stuff, I'm sure it's amazing for you. I, however, do not get it and am lazy.

Moving on, Friday night at Jingle Ball, Instagram was set up outside MSG. The cool part? If you took a pic at the concert and tagged it with the #Z100onfuse, the pic would be sent to them and they'd print it out for you. I am a super fan of this, except the photo paper quality was seriously lacking. I've been to a few parties where they have something similar and the photos are better. Still an awesome concept, though. I loved that you didn't have to be at a specific place (i.e. a booth or in front of a specific camera), all you had to do was put the hashtag and it sent it from your phone.

Yes, we hijacked a mobile Rangers stand and took a pic in it.

This is when I found out about another awesome like app,  lemeleme! Same concept, cooler filters.
Check it out:
 Instagram: Walden (I think)

 lemeleme: Godfather

lemeleme: Crayon

Those are just the more different ones, but generally the filters are the same. Anyway, I'm still a hardcore Instagram fan but lemeleme is awesome, too! Just thought I'd share the wealth of info.

Anyone have a different one they use?


  1. I have instagram but forget to use it.
    I like the lemeleme!
    I have 2 on my phone that make the photo strips like in a booth.

    OMG we could have SO much fun with this while we are in WDW not walking around!

    **We should see if we can get a discount on an ECV for the entire weekend. Wouldn't that be a blast?!?!

  2. Hey, have you tried Blux Camera? It's a revolutionary new smart camera app that automatically recommends settings to you based on lighting, weather, and what you're photographing. To celebrate Hallowe'en, it's free in the iTunes store from the 29-31 Oct (Pacific Standard Time). Try it out!

    1. Thanks, Tiffany! I totally checked it out and it looks really awesome, especially considering my iphone4's camera is pretty crappy at this point.