Saturday, December 10, 2011

Jingle Bell Jog 6k with The Christmas Ballerinas

A post about a race so early? Oh yes. Tons to be excited about!

Way back in October, when I signed up for this race I knew I wanted to dress up for it. I found an amazing red mini-top hat headband and some red Elvis sunglasses and that's where it started. Originally, that's all it was going to be. A red or green top with maybe some festive socks. Done.

Then I found out my long-lost running partner was going to be in town and I successfully convinced her to run a race with me! When would I have an opportunity to dress up for a race WITH my P-I-C again? (That's partner-in-crime.) I had been thinking about it and even though we have been running partners for a year now, we had never run a race together. So, I got really excited. We had to make this an extra special event.

Fine. I'll admit it. I went a little crazy with the tulle. I couldn't help it! Who knew making a tutu was going to be so cheap, easy and fast?! Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you The Christmas Ballerinas! (According to the announcer when we were crossing the finish line)

Abby and Anna Banana together again!

It was a super fun race. Even though she kept me out way passed my bedtime to go to the Z100's Jingle Ball the night before ( I forgot how much energy this woman has!), we had a fabulous race. I forgot my Garmin on the charger and guess what? It wasn't the end of the world. Both of us were easing back into running from a hiatus so we ran on feel and it was great. We only had one scary moment where an extra large twig got in our way, but we overcame and finished strong! I had a little bit of tightness and a little bit of pain but I need to be better about warming up, stretching and cooling down anyway. This race really boosted my confidence, especially for Disney. Now will I run the half marathon next weekend that I was planning to? Who knows? But I feel better. Thank goodness. Three weeks without running is a scary sight.

We got to run with our favorite Philly-res, Megan.
 We were celebrities. We wanted to take pictures with all the costumed runners and via versa!

And it was a beautiful change of scenery.

We all had a fabulous brunch in my part of Brooklyn at the way popular brunch spot, Egg. Don't ask me how we got a table. Megan works magic (and I'm sure the fact that it was super early and it's Santacon helped a little).

It took a second, but I think the fact that it's winter and the holiday season has kicked in. Hope everyone is enjoying it, too!

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