Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas Eve!
 7 am 8 miler. Boo.
(ignore the dirty mirror. 2 elves had a fight. . . more on that later)
This training during the holidays sucks. I'm going to have to run my second run on Christmas morning, which means no drinking tonight. Ugh. This is my favorite night of the year to drink! Anyway. 

During this morning's run a dog chased me for 2 miles. What? That does not happen in New York City. It was the first time I really did not like a dog. It came close to tripping me a few times and if I would have gotten hurt. . . that dog would've been in big trouble.

 Post run ice bath.
I figured this is going to be the best I can get at training, so I might as well do everything like race day. The only thing is the ice melted within the first 5 minutes and I didn't have anymore.
Anyone else have this problem? Am I doing this wrong?

 Post run present wrapping.
There will be a few boxes under the tree with a note like this included. 
Damn you online shopping and Seriously, mom? You asked for a cuckoo clock 2 days before Christmas. Where the hell was I supposed to pull that one from?! 

 This is what the $1 roll of wrapping paper from Target will wrap.
Thats all my presents. Boo-ya! to my seester for making fun of me.

What did your day look like?


  1. Pretty sure I wrapped a CD with that same paper on that same day! And I tried to run 10 miles. Stomach flu (maybe??) hit me and I did a whole 2.8 miles. yeah. Haven't run since. I suck. I was going to write "I suck balls" but then that would be misleading ... or would it? OMG this is what WDW has done to me! I've gone mental! I ripped my ceiling down today! No joke. And plunged a drain. I'm NOT myself. Or maybe I am.

  2. Boo to the stomach flu! Please get better, we don't have that much time!
    Yes, it does make you go mental. Who in their right mind would be getting up during the holidays to go run in the rain?!