Friday, December 30, 2011

What a difference a year makes.

How's everyone's 2nd to last day of 2011 going? Mine is much better now that I remembered I own a Netipot. Unfortunately, I remembered a day late and this ickness traveled to my chest but I walked on the treadmill anyway. I can't decide if I want my last long run to be tomorrow morning or Sunday. I'm sure it will depend on how I feel.

On a personal note, 2011 kind of rocked. Only 2 really life altering shitastical things happened. . but they happened for a reason and I have come to terms with that, or at least I'm working on it. There was so much life altering good things, too, that at worst they balanced the bad out and at best, they made me into a better person. So much personal growth this year, if I was a plant, I'd totally be Jack's beanstalk (hello, Giant!). And I found my person, what more could I ask for? My road to amazingness has grown by miles, literally! but I digress.

I was going to follow the trend and write up a yearly review. . but I'm a slacker. To be honest, I don't think it's actually hit me that I've been an active human, much less an endurance althete, for an entire year. Last year this time, I still wasn't sure I was going to actually follow through and run the half marathon I signed up for. 25 races later, I just got accepted to run the race that changed my life last year. Twenty five races. Can you believe it?!

7 half marathons. 
7 10ks. 
1 5 miler (my first race ever). 
3 4 milers. 
1 6k. 
5 5ks. 
1 mud run. 

All this in one year from a former smoker (who actually ran a bunch of those races as a smoker) who couldn't even say the only time she would run is to catch a bus (that is something I still don't do, btw).

I have committed to starting off 2012 by running 29.3 miles in one weekend and ending it by running a full marathon. The girl I was a year ago, would have laughed at you. The girl that I am today, still thinks it's crazy but is so excited to see if I'm capable of it (which I already know I am. . . or at least that's what I'm going to tell myself to get through it).

I hope everyone's year brought them at least some amazingness and I can't wait to see what's in store for all of us next year!


  1. You had such a rad year!!

    I must say I am so glad that you somehow found my blog and suggested I do Seattle RnR. Had you not done that we wouldn't have met. We wouldn't be roommates this week. I wouldn't be "racing" in a sombrero. And I wouldn't already be wondering if I could pull of Goofy in 2013. SSSHHH. I did NOT just say that or even think it.

  2. The universe works in amazing ways, my friend! I'm so glad it does too. Cannot wait to have an amazing weekend and I think you should totally rock Goofy next year, who knows? I might be right next to you!

  3. Two times today (this being the first) I hinted to myself that I might consider it. Go big or go home, right?!? Ha - yeah, we'll see how I feel after this weekend. Isn't next year a big Goofy anniversary though? So it could be THE year to do it!

  4. I'd like to take a little credit for helping you realize your potential ... but I have decided that 100% of the credit goes to YOU. While you totally have a ton of bling to show for it, you know the memento of 2011 is much more long-lasting. Not only the races you have completed and your quitting of smoking, but the persistence you have demonstrated is inspiring. I don't know if its only your personal growth that has expanded, but I would also consider it a vast amount of maturity. I am SO F*%$ing proud of you, and am honored every time I get to talk about "my best friend that went from a pack a day to seven half marathons this year."

    I can't wait to finally run with you (both of you) this Saturday and cross that finish line together. Its going to be awesome ... and 2013 is the 8th Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge. Sign me up now. I'm totally there for a four-peat.

  5. SO AWESOME!! CONGRATS! my 2011 was an epic year as well! huzzah for badass life changes!