Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First day back!

My holiday vacation has officially ended. I am back in New York with a cold. Boo.
And I have also decided to take 3 days off of training. Not on purpose though. Monday was a rest day, yesterday was a pack day and today has been a try-not-to-die day. I know. I know. I'm on it tomorrow, hopefully.

So this is what I've been doing:

 A new-to-me iPad from my favorite elf + a Netflix account= my day.
I've spent the day playing and trying to figure it out.  My priority is trying to figure out how to read blogs on it, how to blog from it and how to access eBooks from the library.

 I also forgot to mention I am an aunt again to a tea cup Malti-poo named Fluffy (who is not actually "fluffy" right now, more like a Q-tip). He is super tiny! My brother and his gf were having trouble finding a sweater that fit him, so I crocheted him one over the holidays. I haven't even crocheted my own adorable dog or step son a sweater yet (I know. I'm a terrible Mom). 
Too bad I'm allergic to him ;-(

My non-Christmas present from Fred, which my elf and I will be turning into a medal hanger. 
(Let's be real, I'm just going to "supervise" that.)
How amazing right?! We first saw this when we went to the Target in Savannah and thought it would be perfect as a medal hanger if we could figure out how to add the hooks. I always said I was going to order it online so I never had to risk breaking it during a flight, but I never got around to it. But Fred surprised me with it! YaY! Now, the fun part is going to be deciding how I want the hooks to be. 
Any ideas?


  1. You MADE that sweater?? I am so impressed!!!

    Perfect medal hanger for you. Absolutely perfect! I have no ideas ... yet.

    AND .... see you in just ONE WEEK!!!

  2. I did make it. When winter hits and right before the holidays I become a crocheting fool. haha!

    I know right?! It's perfect and unique! Now we need to get you one!

  3. Oh! That reminds me - I meant to ask ... how long do you typically have to wait for your RnR bonus medal to arrive?