Monday, December 19, 2011

Ole Man River 5k (and half marathon)

Originally, the reason I was going home for the holidays so early, was to run this half marathon. Since, I am coming off of the hip injury, I decided it wasn't worth getting hurt again. . .that medal wasn't worth possibly losing the 3 I've been dreaming about for a year!

So, I did the 5k instead and added 3 more miles to get 6 in while I waited for Fred to finish the half. I decided not to run with my phone and I regretted every minute of it. I wanted to document City Park for all of you. It's a gorgeous park (even prettier than CP) with tons of large ponds and the home of NOMA (New Orleans Museum of Art). When I went back and retraced the 5k track to get my other 3 miles in, I tried to get as many pictures as I could.

 I love love love the trees! 

 Storyland was a fave place to go when I was a kid- Any NOLA kids, remember the yellow keys?! 

 All the ponds have fountains.

 This pavillion is a fave for wedding pictures.

 More gorgeous trees.

 I remember many many days on this playground.

 There used to be a candy store in here and this is where I got the candy dots. I loved them.


 NOMA closer.

 Another tree.

 I have a thing for trees. so?

 PS- this stuff tasted just like paste. Yes, I know what actual paste tastes like because 
I was that kid who ate it. Did you expect anything less? 
Do these things have an expiration date? 
 Fred warned me they were old, which might be a reason for the paste taste.

 The finish line festivities.

 Yes, the finish was at Tad Gromley Stadium. That was cool getting to run around the track.

 Fred finishing the half. I thought I'd be able to spot him easily in his RnR shirt, but hello. We were in New Orleans- there were a lot of those shirts.

 Post race pic. We were enjoying the warmth of the car pre-race. 
(we were literally parked right next to the start line)

And done!

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