Friday, December 16, 2011

NYC Parks Dept. should get coal for Christmas.

Remember when I ran this amazing race?

Apparently New York City is still as douchey as I always say it is. The parks denied the permit for the upcoming Christmas race. Seriously?! From what I read on their site, the excuses are bogus. Does NYRR have this much trouble? We all know they have a monopoly on Central Park, but what's up with Van Cortlandt?

Admittedly, the T-Day race was the first time I ventured up that way into the Bronx and if nothing else, it was a new experience a New Yorker should have. I personally wasn't a fan of trail running (and I was wondering why on the course map it said I'd only have to do 1 loop, but when I got there I had to do 2), but there are a ton of runners who do and denying permits with no good reason is just wrong.

This is a great concept that that should be embraced for it's effort to include everyone in the sport of running, not denied because it doesn't charge an arm and a leg (coughNYCHalfcough) or jump the right hoops into the exclusive world of NYC races.

The races are now being held in Yonkers. How is a New Yorker without a car supposed to get there?! (Granted, I haven't looked it up, but I'm ignorantly assuming it's not subway accessible)

Not cool, NYC. Really not cool.

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  1. Yonkers!! That's sooo Hello Dolly! You need to go there, just for me to say I know someone that went to Yonkers!