Saturday, October 22, 2011

RNR: NYC, a recap.

It's a little weird to be laying in my own bed after a RnR event. It was a little weird that I didn't have my outfit picked out last night before the race. It was a little weird I went running in Prospect Park.

Can I please just say I saw all the hiccups of the inaugural RnR NYC race coming? I haven't decided if I want to break it down as to how the RnR NYC was not a good plan on so many levels, but for now I'm just going to say New York City is a completely different animal than any other city on the planet. You cannot take a cookie cutter race that (generally) works in any city and plop it into this one and expect it to work. Just sayin.

On to the tour?
 Packet Pickup around 6:30sih? Pre-insanity.

And can I just say you cannot advertise that the closest subway stop is going to be Parkside Av and have every Q train from the city be going express. That's not cool to do to New Yorkers who know the subway, much less 7,000 people majority of which have never been to BK, just sayin.

 The start line.

 The start line again.

 The start line- wait for it- again.

And done.
It was two loops around a park. What do you want from me?


  1. Are we done with RNR yet? Please say "Yes." Please say "Yes."

  2. The medal has nice colors! Are all the RnR lanyards like that? Just plain? My ONE is still in a box waiting to be put on my display that is sitting on my piano all sad and lonely. Anyway, yeah ... a 10K sounds so nice right about now. That and a nap.

    I don't know if my nerves could handle figuring out the subway on the morning of a race.

  3. I noticed my nails last night and I said the same thing. Maybe I will get around to it this week.

    Sadly, yes, all the lanyards are crappy. I guess they think they can slack because their medals are so "heavy". I'm over the amazing medals, I can't wait to have a medal with an awesome ribbon.

    All my medals are on one tack on the wall. I just can't decide what I want to do with them.

    I could totally see why the subway would freak people not from here out on race day- but dont worry you'd have a place to stay and a running partner if you ran a NYC race!

  4. When I first started Marathoning, I planned on framing all of my Full Marathon medals. Each with its own shadowbox 5x7 frame. Now 22 full marathon medals later (and hopefully 4 month in the next month), I am running out of space and the frames are getting expensive. Plus several have really cool ribbons that you can't totally see in a frame. I need to figure out a better solution.

    Also, let's not get started on the half, 10k/5K races, and RNR Heavy Medals from RNR races that I have accumulated. They are just hanging on an apothecary jar on my kitchen counter.