Saturday, October 1, 2011

Reading requires no physical activity.

Which is how I finished this book today. My immune system has finally succumbed and I caught what everyone in the city has. Which also means there was no long run today. I'd like to run tomorrow as long as this "contagion" stays above my neck- right? Isn't that the rule? As long as it's not in your chest?

On another note, this book has thoroughly disturbed me on so many levels. Why? Because it's very much a possibility.


  1. I think that is what I have heard, too .... about the above the chest thing and running.

    I'll have to google this book and see what it is all about.

    And in other news, I'm so sad we aren't in Florida right now. If we were, you KNOW we would be doing Wine and Dine right NOW!

  2. I'm glad you heard that too, bc if I go another week without a long run, it might be dangerous.
    The book is seriously messed up.

    And next year, we will totes be there! I was reading on fb that a bunch of people were having problems getting to the expo. That makes me nervous.

  3. I REALLY hope this year it gets better reviews because I don't want them to get rid of it after just two years. I love running at night, and mix it with Disney - it is totally up my alley!