Saturday, October 8, 2011

Night time running.

I have a new first! Tonight, was my first night long run and the first time I've ever run in the park at night alone. . . Well, I had a running partner for all of a mile, but then he left me. No worries, that is one thing I hate; running with people faster than me. I feel bad that I'm holding them back, so I push myself and it doesn't end pretty. . . which is why the Disney Half is going to be a challenge. Both Fly and Fred run faster than me.

Anywhooooo. . . I also tried out running in knee high socks, for my Halloween costume. I do not know how anyone runs in them. My legs felt extremely heavy in them, or maybe it was the pizza I had for lunch. . .who knows? I'm not anti-knee high socks, I think I just need it to be cooler for me not to notice as much.

It felt amazing to run at night. Super jelly of all those Wine and Dine runners from last weekend (have you seen that medal?!) but no worries. I will be there next year. And speaking of feeling amazing, I went out with 6 miles in mind, but I came back after 8. What?! Yea. I just remembered I have 2 weekends of taper (2 10Ks and I am not going to be running any extra miles after those races. No. Way.) before my last Half of the year (<- That's insane!). I need to get miles in.

Now I'm off to bed because I have an hour and a half commute to Coney Island in the morning for a 5k and a date with some sea turtles.


  1. Oh dearest Abby .... have no worries at all! I have NO desire to do anything remotely fast at the half. During my race yesterday I kept thing "how the hell am I going to do this back to back?" So I am very happy to be slower, goof off, get awesome pictures and gossip about everything! And trust me, I am totally NOT speedy at all. Maybe I look it on a 2 mile run ... but not 13. And then my 2 milers, well people can run 4 in the time it takes me to do that.

    Knee socks - I always wear them in races now, or longer runs. I had shin splints when I was a newer runner. Once I discovered compression socks I was the happiest person ever! I've used regular knee socks in a couple races. I ended up with a hole in the toe of each sock after just one 15K race.

    Wine & Dine next year will be the best 'cause we will be there!

    Ooh, I'm antsy to hear about sea turtles!

  2. First off, my only desire during the half is to finish... with you. You have no worries about me being next to you as the finish line approaches. Promise.

    Secondly, Wine and Dine Half 2012? God, it is one of the two Half-Marathons I will travel for (the other being Disneyland for Coast-To-Coast). I am more excited about that than NYC 2012 or anything else in the near future. Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween, Drinking Around The World, Harry Potter Land at Islands of Adventure (you heard me) ... its going to be the most amazing trip EVER.

  3. Fred ... I think you are just fabulous! And I like your travel style!

  4. Oh, you two.
    I know. I know. . .I just worry. I'm really slow and this whole transitioning to running more I'm even slower. Just so you know, the fastest I will be going is a 15 minute mile. I don't want to burn out.

    And I'm really glad I get to run with yall.

  5. I'll run ahead and get in line for the character photos! I'll throw elbows if I have to.