Friday, September 23, 2011

November races to chase off the post race blues.

Thanks to Runner's World Race Series email, I found out about 2 new races in my area for the month of November. Seeing as the Iron Girl half marathon in New Orleans was canceled, November 20th has become free but I have a dilemma. It's the NYRR's Race to Deliver 4M (which will make me one race away from getting my 9-1 automatic entry to the NYC marathon) and The Coney Island Turkey Trot 5K. One starts at 8:30 and the other at 11:30. The 4 miler will take me an hour at most, then I can jump on the train and get to Coney Island in an hour or so. Is it completely insane to try to run them both?

I also found this gem of a race, The Thanksgiving Marathon. It's a marathon, half marathon, 10K and 5K all completely free (but you should give a donation if you can). The awesome part?! Instead of a medal, you get a fork:

Guess what I will be doing for Thanksgiving this year?

Thank you, Runner's World. I was starting to get some serious post-race blues. 
It hadn't really hit me for all the other races because it was never really about that particular race; it was a means to an end. That end being the Rockstar Medal. Now, yes, I still have 2 more races (New York and Savannah) and I will be getting the Superhero Six and The Rock Legend, but again, it has always been about The Rockstar. 

It doesn't help that the next half is Savannah in November. That's a long time to start slacking. I have races, but nothing bigger than a 10K. I think that's going to be my next goal. Make a PR at a 10K. Or maybe run an entire 10K. We shall see.

Until then, do you think the running of 2 races in 1 day is possible?


  1. I'll chime in ... since I'm obviously the blog stalker. Clearly I don't know logistics of getting to and from places since I've never been to your part of the world.

    BUT .... if it is physically possible for us to do a 5K and 2 half marathons in 3 days - plus walk around theme parks - then I say it is at least physically possible to do both! Yay!

  2. Two races, one day? Even by my standards that's a little crazy. But since when did a little crazy ever stop us? I say DO IT!

    I totally get the post race blues. I'm fiending for a race right now, lower back injury and all. There's something about crossing that finish line that is like a hit of crack (or so I could assume).

    I am seriously considering ditching my family to come to NYC to run the race for a freaking fork. Now 2010 was the year of the fork ... is 2011 the Spoon or Knife? Just please promise me you won't impale yourself on your way to Thanksgiving Dinner with your "medal." That would be tragically appropriate.