Saturday, September 24, 2011

Adventures in Ice bathing.

I decided a few weeks ago I wanted to try an ice bath after the Philly race. In trying to figure out how I'm going to train for back to back half marathons, the ice bath always inevitably came up. So, I figured this was the perfect time: big bathtub/ room (not my tiny NYC version of a bathroom), access to unlimited ice and someone (who I love love love :-) to help me.
 The scene of the crime.

 I tried to fill bathtub as high as I thought the water will be on my waist, but I undershot. Or I was just starving and ready for this to be over with.

 Then we added a ton of ice, which we did twice because my smokin hot body melted a lot of it (which was a surprise to me. I thought I was going to have to wait for the ice to melt before I took a shower, but that was definitely not the case).
Holy crap, yall. This is no joke. I tried to compensate by drinking hot chocolate, but it doesn't matter. It was kind of like running to me. I hate the first mile and I hated this until my legs went numb.

Of course, no ice bath is complete without the medal.

I hung out in there for around 20 minutes. It seriously sucked, but my legs totally thanked me the next day. I walked around the entire city and I was fine. I'm so glad I did it because now I know how I'm going to do the Disney half and relay.
 Time to inhale my food before nap time!
I seriously walked a mile out of the way for a post race meal of Chipotle. It's perfect. It fills you up enough to put you in a food coma in case you have trouble falling asleep after a long run or race (which I do).

Trying to dry my clothes before I had to pack them.

It was all completely worth it.


  1. After half marathon #1 you might have to give me ice bath pointers! Do you think it will be cold enough there that I could just put my ass in the pool and it would be like an ice bath?

  2. I just said "ass" on your blog. I know sometimes people censor things like that. Yeah, I said it! Also, I tend to say the F word quite often while running. It just sort of happens. FYI! :)

    .... we used to say it all the time at Kali and nobody ever noticed. Was Dinosaur the same way? Or were we just rebels out there melting on a turntable while walking in place all day?

  3. Ronda: I've done Disney now two years in a row, and yes ... it typically is cold enough there at that time of year to take an ice bath in the pool. However, the pools are all heated. You really should have known that fact. Welcome back to central Florida.

    So I've never Ice Bathed before, and I've done the Back-To-Back a couple times. But I have the whole issue of shrinkage to contend with. Trust me, I don't want to spend the rest of my day in Disney looking for parts of my anatomy.