Thursday, September 22, 2011

RnR Philly Half

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. I had forgotten how amazing cool mornings were.

Originally the plan was to take a cab, but I ran into some runners outside of the hotel and we decided to walk to the start. Then I decided it would be a good plan to walk back to the hotel so my legs wouldn't get stiff. Total mileage for the day? Around 17. That's insane.

My favorite part about this race was it took us through the city first. I got to see downtown as a fresh runner instead of as a beaten down runner. I felt good and I was ready to run through a deserted part of town if they wanted me to. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the downtown area, but there will be a separate post about about sightseeing.

Ready for the photo tour?

The finish line. The corrals wrapped around to it.

Philadelphia's museum of art. I decided if I PR'd, I'd run up them. 

Yea, I didn't run up them. It took me most of the race trying to convince myself it would be ok if I didn't PR at my Rockstar race. It should be enough that I finish sub-3. It, of course, isn't but I can say I ran more during this race than any other. I am slowly moving to running more and that's probably why I didn't PR, but oh well. Next time!

This is what someone who is about to become a Rockstar looks it.

The Start line. It was really pretty to see the city as the backdrop.

Most awesome volunteer ever.
She cracked me up as she danced around in the street.

Random statue because Philly has a ton of them everywhere.

The Pretty Bridge we crossed as kayakers floated by.

I felt very much in the South at this point, but we weren't.

Rocker Dude.

This is why the last .7 miles sucked. 
I could see the art museum and it wasn't getting any closer. 

Post race concert: Bret Michaels.
Much to my surprise, people actually wanted to see him perform. 

The Philly Medal. One of my new favorites.

Wanna hear about my first ever ice bath?
Stay tuned.

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  1. I really hope Vegas doesn't have Brett Michaels.

    That is the coolest starting line!

    That medal does look cute!

    I've never had an ice bath, but then I am waaaaay far from being a Rockstar, so maybe that's why!