Saturday, September 10, 2011

This is how we do it, where I'm from.

I know I owe you a race recap (and I'm getting to it! jeez.) but this is better.

I love care packages from home. Especially when they are filled with random crap that you've never seen before in your life. Yet, your mother tells you it's the stuff you left the last time you visited. I should have known better when the box was bigger than my suitcase. Anyone want a wooden picture box? Brand new never used but in my possession?

Included in the random box was this newspaper article my dad was telling me about when it happened. Have I mentioned how cute my dad is? He's forever saving newspaper articles for me to read.

The Red Dress Run. Always heard about it, never actually got around to doing it. Everyone wears a red dress. Everyone. Female. Male. Dog. Whatever. So in NOLA, their idea of running a race must include alcohol, right? From what I understand, everyone shows it at like noon and starts drinking. The race doesn't officially start until like 4pm. Everyone is wasted and the run is from one bar to another. Complete shit show, if you ask me. But this is New Orleans. Would you expect anything less?

Apparently alcohol isn't part of a Kenyans training. Poor guy came to run this race planning on being the first Kenyan to ever win it. People kept handing him a "red drink" that he assumed was gatorade; then the next thing he knew, his trainer couldn't find him until the next morning when someone from The Dungeon called to report that's where he was. This cracks my shit up. Why? Because The Dungeon is a goth bar.

Anyway. It amused me. I was going to try to link the article via the internets for you, in case I didn't portray how funny it is (ok, so maybe it was a serious article and only someone as sick as I am would find it funny), but their site is down. Please go here and look it up yourself if you are super bored and need something to do.


  1. A) The Red Dress Run happens at 8am in the morning, and is followed by an all day party/concert. The rest about running from bar to bar and drinking is correct. Not many (if any) people actually RUN the race.

    B) The Levee is a satirical local newspaper much in the same vein as The Onion. The story is a complete joke, and the only Kenyan running the race is a guy from your neck of the woods in Chateau (Kenna, Bra).

    C) The Red Dress Run registration fees are like $75 and don't even include a participant T-shirt. That's more expensive than most Half-Marathons I've done (and a couple full marathons), and those come with shirts, medals, on-course support, etc.

    All that being said, I've never done the "race." Not only am I a bit of a running snob, but we all know how I feel about anyone dressed in drag (see your post of my quotes from Seattle).

    Oh, and I Love Your Dad.