Sunday, September 25, 2011

Philly vacay

Independence Hall

Inside Independence Hall. 

More inside Independence Hall.
I'm a fan of the red, white and blue color scheme when it's not the shades found in the flag.
The liberty bell.

Betsey Ross' house.

Elferth's Alley.


  1. How lame am I that I see this photo of Betsey Ross' house and my first thought is, "It looks like Liberty Square!" ??

    Whatever Elferth's Alley is, I like it!

  2. Really, I immediately thought the same thing about Betsy Ross's house. Then I thought "Why did she visit the house of a cake mix maker?"

    Oh, wait ... That's Betty Crocker.

  3. You're not lame, you're a Disney cast member at heart. I do that a lot too!

    And Elferth's Alley is the oldest continuously inhabited residential streets in the country, just FYI.

    Fred. I'm ignoring you.