Thursday, August 2, 2012

Three Things Thursday

(Or 3 blogs I've started and haven't been able to finish)

Love. these. shorts.
1. Saturday's long run was a turning point (I hope) into actually liking my long runs. Even though NYRR's 1st Practice Long Run was this weekend (I don't like to be in the park when races are going on unless I'm in them) and their running group, Fred's Team (or whatever it's called), decided to take over the entire street (shame, you should know better!) it was really good.

I'm still frustrated at how slow I am, but I know it's my own lazy fault. Around mile 4, I went off-Gymboss and started doing the counting lampposts/ run until I felt like walking and that was nice. I know I was slowing down as the minutes went on that I didn't take a walk break, which freaks me out a little. I want to run more, but I don't want to get slower. I also decided somewhere around mile 6 I would run fast for awhile to see what I could do. I checked my Garmin and I was at a 10 minute pace! What! So, I know I could probably get up to somewhere around there if I pushed myself, but I'm super scared of burning out. It's been engraved in my training not to go out too fast and hit a wall later. Plus, it's really easy to rest on my base. I know I can get 8 miles done without pushing myself, so why should I? Especially if in a few weeks I'm going to be getting up in miles I've never done before.

So, we shall see. I've been taking an upper body class during the week and I am trying to make myself do more speed work. Just running during the week might be good, too. I've been really bad about getting my weekday workouts in.

good vs evil
What works best for you?

2.  I've decided I'm giving up diet coke/ soda. I don't know if it's going to be a big deal, but it's better than nothing right? I only drink 1-2 MAX a day, usually at lunch just to get my caffeine intake. So we shall see. I didn't realize until now that my Crystal Light/ Lipton individual packets have caffiene in them, so that works out great! Day 2, I was craving a diet coke at lunch time, but I know it will take a minute to get used to only drinking tea. Then, I realized I bought a coke zero for dinner that I never drank. Dammit. This isn't working out how I hoped.

What's the reason for it? Honestly, I'm hoping it will kick start some weight loss. I'm getting super frustrated with the weight I've gained in the past year. . . see, kids, even endurance athletes gain weight. Especially when they eat like they're training while not. A friend lost a ton of weight by cutting out regular coke and hamburgers. I hear diet is worse for you even if there are no calories. I think a fountain coke zero will have to be an allowed splurge, though. There is very little that can give the same kind of happiness.

3. The main reason for my absence? It's moving time, people! This weekend will be the mass exodus of all excess things. It's time to make room for the Mrs. literally- the movers will be here a week later. I will officially join the ranks of all you cohabit-us couples. I'm so excited to finally feel like I have a home. I can't remember the last time I had one of those. But until then, the other bedroom is empty so I'm going to have a fabulous week of living alone, and then it's on to the rest of my life! Can't. Wait. 

Have you ever lived with a significant other? What was your biggest challenge to get over?


  1. I've never lived with a significant other. The thought frightens me. I'm not gonna lie. You'll have to let me know how it goes.

    Umm your shorts are freaking awesome! Where did you get them? I think I need a few pairs.

    I'm having a hard time with pacing these days too. Let's just blame the heat.

    1. It frightens me, too! haha. Not that bad though. I think when you realize it's who you're meant to be with, those scares go away. But I will definitely keep you informed!

      They're from this company called Bskins. I found them through another blogger. Check them out, they have a ton of awesome stuff!

      I like your idea!

  2. I gave up Diet Coke and all other brown pop about 6 or 7 years ago now. I was drinking 1-2 cans a day and just didn't think it was very good for me. At first it was horrible but eventually I didn't even miss it. I still allowed myself clear pops like 7-Up and Sprite but I don't like those much so I rarely drank them. Now that it's been so long I let myself have a Root Beer as my big pop splurge and it tastes so heavenly! Keep it up, you won't be sorry.

    1. Good to hear someone else has done this! I think it will be good. And I do like the idea of splurging on a fountain cherry coke zero. Yum!!

  3. OOh this is so exciting!!!

    I'm actually trying to figure out how to downsize all of my junk (aka tons of Disney related things from work and racing) so I can make room for the Man Friend to move in later this fall!! So far with him (he practically lives there already) I haven't had any challenges. In the past I had issues with moochers not pitching in period. Not helping with rent, utilities, food, hogging my TV and not letting me watch Bravo, etc... Finally I have a keeper!!

    1. It's hard to think about it; just do it! It's a really good feeling after, too.

      YaY! For keepers!