Sunday, August 12, 2012

2nd Summer Streets weekend.

REI Stop
This weekend, I decided to run from my apt to Summer streets and experience the southern part. It took me a good 3miles to get to Lafayette street. There were a ton of people in Chinatown that were looking at me crazy; since when are people up this early on the weekend?! Somehow, I thought it was closer. No biggie. I had 9.5 miles to do and 3 miles was just a good warm-up.
When I finally got there, the party was in full swing and even more crowded then the uptown area. It had only been going on for an hour and already the lines for things at the REI rest stop were huge! Again, I had no idea normal people woke up that early on weekends for shits and giggles. If I wasn't training, I know I wouldn't and my finance would appreciate it, too. We're both counting down until November for so many reasons, ha!

 I stopped for this cool arm band that REI was giving out. Apparently the brand Columbia is coming out with a tech line that is supposed to activate when you sweat to cool you down. . . sounds fun. We'll see when it officially comes out. Once I got uptown again, I did look into getting a helmet, but the line was way too long and I still had a few more miles to go. I didn't want to cool down that much just to start again. Oh well. I wasn't meant to have one.

My hatred for cyclists was re-enforced again. I don't know who is worse; The "professional" cyclists who mow you down or the oblivious tourists who ride 5 people cross. But none of them were adhering to the bikes on the left, runners on the right signs. It definitely felt more crowded than last weekend especially as my run continued to go on for a lot longer on the streets.

 Hello awesome medal!
TNT gave this to me as I ran passed their tent. 
What an awesome way to motivate and recruit, if I do say so myself!

more street art

 My original plan was to run there and run back. But I wasn't in the mood to have this happen again; so, why not stay as long as I could on the streets specifically car-free for as long as I could? So, that's what I did. I used 14th as a marker so that would be my end point and I would just jump on the subway from there. It worked pretty perfect. I even ducked into the Duane Reade to grab a strawberry milk for the ride home. Unfortunately, once I got on the train, I started feeling nauseated. I think it had a lot to do with sweating for 2 hours outside, then going into AC essentially soaking wet. I took a shower and felt a tad better. I've also noticed that it's getting up in my training that I'm useless for the rest of the day. Can November get here any faster?!

How did your run go this weekend?


  1. That is awesome that you got a medal from TNT - that would inspire me. Although it might also convince me I'm done! Ha! Nice that you could use the closed streets.

    1. Right?! It was very motivational, but I had to run back to the subway anyway.

  2. My weekend run was pretty cool!
    It was 10 miles - the first half were all a gradual uphill incline. You could barely see it, but you could certainly feel it. Coming back down was awesome! No pain on the body, but it sure felt "easy"!

    I didn't get anything cool and free. I didn't get a medal. I did get to see this crazy speed-walkers participating in a 10K race. They sure are .... interesting.