Sunday, July 1, 2012

Running in BK; is it really that rare to see?

Yesterday, I did my long run through my neighborhood.

I'm not sure if it's because it's been awhile since I ran in a place where there weren't a ton of people also running or if I was just being overly sensitive, but I really need to change my route. Being stared at and cat called  (this coming from someone who never notices things like that) at 7 am (seriously?! Isn't it too early to be thinking like that?) made me physically ill and even more disgusted with humanity (mainly the Y chromosome portion). No woman deserves to be treated like that and you are revolting. Once, ok. Thanks for the ego boost. Twice, really? Awesome. You're a pig. Over and Over again? Have you just gotten out of prison and never seen a woman before? Are there no women on this side of Brooklyn?! What the hell is wrong with you and who the hell raised you?! It was ridiculous and I was extremely uncomfortable.

And no, I am not the most physically fit person on the planet (just in case they were staring b/c of the spandex ;), but at least I'm doing something about it, instead of loitering in front of a store on the verge of a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis (again, at 7AM!! Shouldn't you be sleeping off a hangover or something?!). That bloated pot belly will never be sexy and I really hope there is never a woman so desperate to ever lead you to believe otherwise.

End Rant.

It also didn't help that it was SUPER hot. I didn't realize how unshaded the Williamsburg Bridge is until I had to run over it twice. I got to about mile 5 and couldn't do it anymore. Too bad I was still a mile away from home. I stopped at a bodega, got some gatorade and took back streets home so I wouldn't have to listen to the disgusting men again. While I was in said bodega, I heard on the radio we were in a heatwave. Awesome to know.

But to end on a positive, I'm breaking in new shoes and they are really purty.

Did you run this weekend? How did it go?


  1. We're she twins! Different brands -- same color!!

    This whoreish girl at work flits with any person that she suspects has a wiener. I used grown up words. Anyway, I just learned that she even tells the bloated pot belly guy when she isn't wearing underwear. Why??? I mean how insecure are you that you have to lower yourself to flirt with the married man that looks pregnant! End rant.

    I seriously want to visit you so we can run together. Maybe when we run we can just mock cat call them! -- or would we get shot for that?? I don't know. I live in a small retirement town. Ignore me.

    1. Duh, we've always been she twins!

      That's so sad and gross all at the same time. I just have no words.

      You need to come visit, but I would rather take you running in CP. I don't think we'd get shot, but I don't like to mess with local Brooklynites. They're hardcore.

    2. Yeah, okay - I'll run anywhere - and I will pretend I'm in my bubble. I promise I won't even flip a single person off!

  2. Um, super cool shoes!! Color me jealous!!

    And blech to all the other stuff - stupid people, stupid heat. It's all bad.

    1. You should get them, too and we can all be twins!!

      Blech is right.