Sunday, July 15, 2012

Run for CP 4M

Saturday morning I really didn't want to get up. I know I say that every time, but I really mean it this time. This whole working and training for a full is so hard (said in a very whiny voice) and I'm only at the beginning. Ugh!

So as much as I hated waking up, I think I finally got back into my running groove. It only happened for a mile or 2 of the race (it was only 4 miles all together) but it was enough to give me hope for the future of training! YaY! I need to stop projecting myself forward and just be in the moment. I don't know if it makes sense to you, but it does to me. I'm so discouraged about being so slow, I think I've been trying to push myself too much. But I will try my hardest not to. It's super discouraging.

I also decided to run to the start and back to get in my 6+ miles instead of taking the subway. I am now a super fan of this. It took roughly the same amount of time since the trains are super slow on the weekends anyway. I got to the start with just enough time to wait in the portapotty line, then get to the corrals. As soon as I finished, I turned around and walked home. It was fun, even if I cheated a little and walked on the outside sidewalk of the park instead of through it (I could not run up and down the 3 bitches again. Twice is enough, thankyou). This also got me to thinking it would be a good way to add mileage when I get to my really long runs. But that sidewalk is seriously messed up for walking.

On my way out of the park, Icebreaker reps were giving out coupons for a free shirt. Score! Can't wait to try mine out. A big plus of the Merino wool (besides it being naturally wicking) is it doesn't smell as fast as synthetic. We are definitely happy about this. The Bathroom will thank them, too. It won't smell as bad when I hang my clothes to dry. 

Once I got home, I decided the best plan of action was to shower and get back in bed. This turned out to not be a bright idea at all. The golden rule is to always get food in me ASAP, roll, shower then nap. I woke up extremely sore with an extra large headache and stomach pains. Not cool. But I was being selfish. I wanted more snuggle time! This also presented a huge problem b/c I couldn't go back to bed for the life of me when it was actual nap time. Note for next week: Don't do that.

How's summer running working for you?


  1. Well heck I could have told you that you need your food ASAP, silly! ;)

    Summer running SUCKS! I hate insane heat waves that just knock me down. My 20 miler was so hard, and I really blame the 90º for that.

    Um... news flash .... I GET TO SEE YOU NEXT MONTH!!!

    p.s. Once my computer is recovered from the Blue Screen of Death OR I get my laptop hooked up to the internet OR I get a new computer -- you're going to have an ass ton of comments from me on all your posts! They are written, just sitting in my G-Mail waiting to be copied/pasted!

    1. I know you know me so well ;)

      Summer running DOES suck but as soon as we get through it, we can have a celebratory run with Mickey and Minnie and maybe a villain or 2! It's the one thing I'm looking forward to!

      I'm so sorry to hear about your computer. Boo!