Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Life (intsa'd) lately 7.15.12

Things that have made me happy lately Edition:

My, Meatpacking District. How much you've changed!

I love presents! Especially when my boss goes to Brazil!

Baby Showers at Dim Sum Restaurants where people know how to order: Amazing!

When Street Art can live up to it's name always makes me happy.

My new Threadless Tee!

What's been making you happy lately?


  1. Those are awesome! I love your insta-photos every time!

    Running with Man Friend has been making me happy lately. We are seriously the same exact pace and he doesn't annoy me at all. This is pretty unheard of really!

    1. Thanks, ma'am! I took lots of pictures of my run along Central Park, thinking of you. You must come here.

      That's so awesome. I need a running partner so bad right now. And one you can tolerate? Even more unheard of!