Monday, September 3, 2012

Half Marathon distance without the medal

The Manhattan (left) The Brooklyn (right)
This weekend I became someone who runs 13.1 miles and does not get a medal for it. What is this world coming to?! Full Marathon training is not fun or easy but it better be worth it. Even if I can't continue to say I only run that far if a medal is involved, I can say I won't be signing up for a race unless there is a medal for that far.

I decided this weekend to shake up my run and do a few out and backs, keeping them short (only 3 miles around trip). It turned out to be a good plan, because I ended up needing a water refill and a bathroom around that time and that's where they were. Score!

Hey Brooklyn Bridge!
As I went South for the first time, I saw a bridge in the distance and realized it was the Manhattan (accidentally identifying as the Brooklyn at first). . . I was tempted to run it back in to BK, but I had no idea how to get back if I did. Until next time. And there will be a next time. . . I cannot run back over Williamsburg anymore. It's pure torture and I've realized that mile or so is what's messing up my run. Yes, I know running it will make me stronger, but how strong do I need to get running in the summer in straight sun for miles?! I'm ok. I think it's time to break up with the WB until winter when straight sun will be a welcome thing, not a death sentence.

The area to the South was a completely different atmosphere. It was nice running in the shade under the highway and as I got more south, closer to Chinatown, there were a ton of people randomly doing Tai Chi (I think?). It was kind of bizarre but nothing too crazy for a New Yorker. But then again, what is?!

Running up the East River is pretty much straight sun and subtract random Tai Chi with lots of homeless people. I don't know how they sleep in the sun like that, but to each his own. It makes sense to want to be there though. Very peaceful. . except for a bunch of crazy runners at all hours, I'm sure. I slowed down a bunch once I got back into the shade, to enjoy it as much as I could, getting ready to run back over the bridge. It wasn't as painful as last week. . but it definitely wasn't enjoyable. I was able to run more, but I wasn't a fan.

Hey! We match. Too bad you've been defriended, WB
I've also noticed, since I am about to get into uncharted waters with miles, it's time to keep my body injury-free. As much as I'm not a fan, I will be getting massages (which btw, booking an appointment is a pain in the ass. . seriously?!) and ice baths will be a part of my Saturday post-run rituals. Have you started them yet?

My muscles have been super crazy after long runs for the past few weeks, too. They feel weird and wake me up in the middle of the night with tightness and soreness.
Does this happen to you?


  1. Have I mentioned you are awesome for doing a full marathon?! I can't even imagine going that distance. Highly recommend massages - getting them regularly has helped me. Props for an ice bath! I'm still scared to try them.

    1. Have I mentioned how awesome you are for this comment?! That really went a long way, Emily! Thank you :)

      Let's hope for the best tomorrow! I feel like finding the right masseuse is like finding the right partner. Ice baths aren't that bad I promise! And you feel amazing the next day.

  2. I can't stop looking at all the pretty pictures!!
    It is so strange to run these long distances and not have anyone provide you with: pre-run line dances, character stops, photographers, water, electrolytes, space blankets, bananas, medals .... etc.
    I feel so bad ass after a long run, but at the same time I want some sort of prize, dammit!!

    1. Right?! No more full marathon training! I'd rather get medals every time I went 13.1 and beyond!