Thursday, September 6, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Social Media does it again! NYRR has revised their policy. Good for them. I personally won't be checking a bag (that's what a hot fiance is for ;) and I look forward to the tacky as hell orange poncho. Hell, it might become my favorite winter accessory. I'm assuming if you check a bag you don't get it? AND you get a one-size-fits-all long sleeved shirt. Lets just hope all of those things are still there when I cross the finish line.

I went and had a massage at Equinox last night. Holy crap, yall, it's a purty gym (said in a very country bumkin matter). One day, when paying $300/month for a gym that I only use when I'm too lazy to commute to the park is possible, I totally want to be a member there. I felt very fancy. I got a robe, went into the "spa", and had an amazing massage therapist. I will admit, I got a little frustrated that he wasn't focusing on my legs, but after he explained that his technique isn't to go in and beat the knot. Instead to wake up the muscle around it to get the blood flowing. So simple it's stupid right?! I feel a ton better and will definitely be going back.

I am officially in freak out mode about this damn marathon. What the hell was I thinking training alone? When I originally laid out my plan, I thought I had enough time to get the miles in (and I did) but I didn't account for wanting to do possibly 2 20milers/ a 22miler. . . so now I'm freaking out. This is not fun. I'm doubling up miles to get there and hoping to stay injury-free. I look at my calendar at least 3 times a day to make sure I calculated right. I do not recommend marathon training for anyone. After I figure this out, I need to figure out how to keep my miles up for Disney 2 months later.

How's your Thursday?


  1. I'm freaking out, too. Not to mention, we got our "invitation" codes for the charity I'm running with and they can't seem to make mine work, so I'm still not entered. Waaaah. Me no likey!

    I'm in a similar boat since I'm doing Goofy in January and I have no idea how to keep up with this grueling schedule. If I'm not running, working or riding (horses) all I want to do is sleep. I feel constantly tired. I hope that passes when it finally cools off here in the desert!

    Good luck, you can do it!!!

    1. No worries when I did TNT it took me a second to get the code to work too. Super annoying!

      Yes! I'm praying for the cooler temps too.

      Thank you! So can you ;)

  2. haha i always recommend running a marathon to everyone i talk to, and then im all "oh yeah and marathon training sucks and F**k's with your mind and youll hate it and feel tired and hurt but wanting to run more and then not thinking youre running enough and and and..." we all paint such pretty pictures. and then once our "marathon" is over, we're still training for the next one. special. :)

    1. We are definitely special but I can say I'll stick to my halfs after this. Too crazy for me!