Monday, September 10, 2012

My Labor Day Weekend.

Let's pretend I posted this last week, mmkay?

Since, I am embarrassingly jealous of everyone that ran in Disneyland that weekend, I will tell you about my Labor Day weekend fun! But before I move on, kudos to the awesome branding for the race! The navy blue colorful ribbon and bib looked awesome, as did the 5k bib. Now, if we can only move away from the light/royal blue that, I feel, taints runDisney, it will make me so happy. Although, I won't be getting another blue ribbon this year. This year it will be red :) AND my awesome BFF just informed me we have celebratory dinner reservations at The Be Our Guest restaurant marathon night, what?! Super grateful he was on top of that and I'm really excited!

So, I joined the club. The lulu club, that is. If you don't remember, my 3 month cigarette-free present to myself was supposed to be these magical pants that make everyone's butt look good. But, even as a present to myself, I couldn't justify spending $90 on a pair of pants I'm only going to get sweaty in. A year and 5 months later, I finally got them and a pair of capris, a shirt and a hoodie (What?! I had to take advantage. Who knows when the next time I'll be there?!). I wore my new outfit for my 13 and 16 miler and I can say I see why people are in love with this brand. My favorite part? Even soaked with sweat, they were easy to pull up and down for mid-run potty breaks. That's enough for me.

Can't wait for fall to get here so I can test out the pants and the hoodie!

Are you a member of the Lulu club? 

That weekend, I also finally got to see Zarkana, which happened to be on the last night of their performance in New York City. If you've never seen a Cirque Du Soleil show, I highly recommend it. They're amazing and Zarkana did not disappoint (even though, I have no idea what the weird looking baby had to do with anything). My favorite was the artist who created gorgeous and elaborate art pieces within seconds with sand; completely mind blowing for me. It was a perfect date night. I can't wait to see another one! Maybe La Nouba in Orlando during one of my trips next year? I'm even tempted to take a trip to Vegas just for O.

What's your fav Cirque show?

I know I'm late, but how was your Labor Day?


  1. Oh yes, I am a member of the club too. I resisted for years and then I got hooked too. Their running clothes are incredibly well designed and last and last and last. And as a tall girl, they are one of the few apparel lines that fit me properly! They cost more but I buy less because very little else compares (in my opinion)

    1. Right?! The saleswoman was trying to tell me that the pants might be too long bc they were Tall. I assured her that could never happen to me. . .and I ate my words!

      I don't think I'll ever be able to buy them full price, but it will definitely be something I look into more often.

  2. I was also super jealous of the people running the Disneyland Half!! Score for the Be Our Guest reservations! Can't wait to hear what you think of it. Which reminds me, I should probably look into reservations for Princess weekend.

    I continually hear good things about lulu - I might have to break down and check them out.

    1. Next year, Emily! I'm totally registering for it the day it opens. I refuse to miss out on C2C again.

      To be honest, I'm not up to date on all new things Fantasyland, which I should look into. I know some of it will be open for ToT (maybe?!) I will definitely be documenting dinner, though. It was a great surprise!

      Like Nikki said, they might cost less in the long run if they really last like everyone says they do. I think a splurge on at least one pair is a must ;)

  3. I just saw my 2nd Cirque show over Labor Day Weekend!! Ours was the Beatles one at the Mirage. A lot of the time I was just kind of like "wtf is going on here?" BUT while thinking that I was just blown away by it all. I'm listening to the CD right now actually - and have had it on repeat ever since I got home! My first one was Michael Jackson Cirque - OMG, LOVE!!!! More than LOVE!!!!!!

    I have yet to join the Lulu club. I went into the store once and saw A price tag and realized it would be sort of a window shopping visit instead of legit shopping! But I do hear good things!

    1. I hear amazing things about LOVE but if I ever make it to Vegas, I want to see O. But honestly, they're all pretty amazing. La Nouba anyone? :-) I've yet to see that one.

      I felt the same way about Lulu, too, but I'm telling you, it's quality over quantity. Plus, there are 2 outlets- one in NY and one in Orlando. Outlet mall shopping next weekend anyone? :-)