Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gyrokinesis at Athleta

Last night, I decided to take Athleta up on one of the free classes they're offering all month (you should check to see if you have one in your area). Yes, I'm late to the National Yoga Month party. Did you expect anything else?

This particular class was Gyrokinesis. I had never heard of it, but I was sold at stretching and strengthening. The instructor told us that Gyro was originally called Yoga for dancers, which makes sense since it's a like a dancing and swimming yoga practice (<-the website's words). I haven't been able to call myself a dancer in about 14 years, I'm a runner (which I forgot to mention when she asked if any of us had any modification needs), and the most uncoordinated person ever, so it was about to get pretty interesting up in there. Up until last night, I didn't really notice the flexibility issues everyone says runners usually have. Most of the yoga I do is me and Elena Brower or Rodney Yee in my living room and I rock at that if I do say so myself. Newsflash: I am no where near the word flexible. But the good news is I got a TON of core and hip strengthening going, which are 2 things I really need to focus on now that I'm even closer to marathon day. Not so newsflash: You have no core muscles. 

Normally classes last an hour an a half and we only had 45 minutes, but it was a good taste of what the practice is. I highly suggest it for anyone wanting to shake up a yoga routine or in need of some serious core, hip and spine strengthening. That is no joke. My abs hate me right now.

Thanks again, Leslie and Athleta! It was really great. I hope to be back next week.

What's an exercise you've stepped out of the box to try?

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