Saturday, August 20, 2011

I run the streets of New York City.


Did you take advantage of NYC's Summer Streets? This morning was my first chance to do it and it reminded me of running the NYC Half. This is the third time I've taken advantage of running in the streets of NYC (second being the Mini 10K. Not gonna lie, it's pretty badass.

 Running down Park Ave. from 72nd

This was around 7am, I'm assuming it didn't stay this quite as the day went on. 

 View from bridge.

 Above Grand Central.

 The Uptown Rest Area. They had free bike rentals and skate rentals.

 And an awesome water fountain! 

 I did not have time to check this out, but it looks cool?

Street Art?

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


  1. So what's this? They block of city streets once in a while just for runners and cyclists? That's pretty cool! One thing I love about races is that you get to run where you normally never set foot.

  2. Yes! It's only for 3 Saturdays in August and that was the last one.