Wednesday, August 10, 2011

RnR Providence.

Be careful what you wish for!
I've always wanted to run a race in the rain. Maybe a 5k. That would be fun, right? Sunday that wish came true for the entire Half. On top of that, I was getting a cold. All the right ingredients were there for this to be a disaster, but surprisingly it wasn't that bad.

 The State House. Where the Start and Finish line meet.

 Stretching in the rain. That poncho stayed on until about mile 7. I was trying to keep it on the entire time, but I decided dying of heat stroke wasn't worth it. 

 I have never seen the infamous "sag wag" but this was parked right behind all of the corrals.  I made a mental note to stay away. I didn't know though. I was sick and it was raining. 
This was going to be an interesting run.

The Start line. I was going to crop out the couple kissing, but I thought it was too cute. 

This was definitely deserved. 
Providence, wish I would have gotten to see more of you, but oh well! 
Your streets are paved extremely well.

The End.


  1. Despite the rain, I'm really jealous. That course is pretty much exactly what I used to run when I was in college (in bits, of course, since I wasn't bad ass enough to run anything more than 6m at a time).

  2. You're too cool! Do you have more Rock'n'Roll races lined up for the year? (GO TO VEGAS!!)

  3. I love how even at the very end you have your sunglasses on your head! like at any moment those big dark heavy thick clouds might just open for even a millisescond & a burst of sunshine just might poke through. Running in the rain kinda sucks, I am terrified of slipping and falling, terrified.