Saturday, January 14, 2012

WDW Half Marathon.

Oh, Disney Half marathon. THE marathon I started running for. How many things could possibly go wrong?! The race was definitely started on the wrong foot and it just went downhill from there. But I won't dwell on the serious disappointment, it's over now. And I have the most amazing medal ever. If you'd like Fruit Fly's point of view, you can check that out here.

 In the corrals

 And we're off!

 1st character stops were all ducks for Donald's 15 year anniversary!

 The mayor of Main Street!

Action shot!

 Tomorrowland waiting for Buzz Lightyear!

These spectators were awesome!
The first pic of people I saw again on Sunday and the lone person's sign said
"I'm so proud of you, Total Stranger"

The Princess and the Frog

 The end of the race sag wag and all :-(

 Chip and Dale!

 mile 13. What?! 

 The choir singing!

 Yes. I got it. OMG. It's amazing.

 Ice Bath #1, getting ready for day 3 of running!

Up Next: The Marathon Relay.


  1. I shall eloquently write our report in word form! ;) Trust me, I had a freaking BLAST!! I will put a fun spin on it for ya!

    I love your ice bath photo. If I ever get brave and take one I'll tell you what I think. As it is I haven't even run one step since Sunday!

  2. I knew you would! Thank you, ma'am!

    The ice baths were the only way I got through the weekend.

    And neither have I! I was going to do some yoga and get ready to start back up again, but my hip is still messed up. . Boo.

  3. great job! i ran the disney half in 2007... i was NOT prepared, no camera, and i ran alone. it seems so much more fun when you have friends and film. the highways SUCKED and i said i never would do it again. of course now i want to do the goofy challenge haha.

  4. Without a camera? At a Disney race? I'm so sorry!

    Running with people usually always makes it better, except when they're bitching you're too slow and you don't have an ipod to tune them out. And yea, the highways were where I lost it a few times. I will know better for next time. IDK about the goofy challenge. I'd like to see how I feel after I run just a full marathon.

  5. You guys look really cute in all of these pictures, solar red pants and all!