Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Disney Family Fiesta 5K

So. It's 5am. And I'm in a giant parking lot full of runners doing line dances:

 The electric slide with coffee in hand.

Ronda thinks we are crazy. Apparently line dancing is a southern thing? But it was the most fun I'd ever had pre-race. We were dressed amazing and there was no pressure, we walked the whole thing.
So on to the report (via photos)!

 Our outfits rocked!

 Jeff Galloway talking before the start.

 The 3 Caballeros sending off wave 1!

 Running through the cast member entrance of Epcot. 

 The backstage part of Test Track.

 Running around the world clock-wise. 

2 lost Mexicans photo bombing a runner in China.

Just kidding, we know her.
See? We love Sarah!

 The Epcot Ball from the top of the worlds.

 The obnoxious line for Aladdin and Jasmine. Seriously.

 But Abu was there, too!
Had I known. . . I still wouldn't have stopped. That was obnoxious.

 Photo Op Stop.

 In front of the Christmas tree where I messed up my hip for the rest of the races. 

 I can smell the finish line!

 Us with the 3 Caballeros and our medals!

Once we were showered and ready for the day, Fred landed and we went to play in the parks for a moment.  The castle was still lit for the holidays, which was really cool to see.

Fred and I.

Ronda and I in front of the castle with our fabulous medals.

Up Next: The Half Marathon!


  1. Clearly I was there ... but I totally just laughed through this entire thing. I freaking LOVE our photo bomb photo! I don't even care if it goes over everyone's heads ... it is priceless. Not as priceless as our politically incorrect photo. SO. MUCH. FUN. !!!

    p.s. I've already put the Tower of Terror on my official upcoming race list. I can't back out now!

  2. Yea. Those were pretty much my 2 favorites from the weekend. If only it could've been a half marathon and then we could've gotten more. oh well.

    That's awesome! I'm super jealous. Maybe the universe will be nice to be and allow me to do that one, too.

    Did you add Goofy to it, also? You should! :)

  3. OMG this just lost my comment!!!

    Anyway - I DID talk to Brian about next year at the big G word that I dare not yet say. I'm keeping my crazy notions very hush, hush right now. Talked to the coach about it, too. I figure he should know since he's in charge of me now!

  4. I think you can totally rock it. Especially since you had such an awesome 2nd race! I see it in your future now.

  5. Exactly. I mean once I passed those first 3 miles I felt fine. Then after my gel I was on fire! I looked at my finish and I beat so many of my other half times ... where I DIDN'T stop to take photos. And this time I was photo happy! I really felt like I had more miles in me that day. SO ... I can totally do it! I'll just maybe even speed walk the half and screw running - unless I run from character to character. This is what I hit Brian up about. I pretty much am trying to trick him into Goofy, too. He would use the full as his attempt to BQ, so I thought walking the Half would be a good selling point!