Sunday, January 15, 2012

WDW Marathon relay

So, we still got to the start line for 4am, like everyone else. Except we didn't walk to the start line. We walked to the other end of the parking lot and got on a bus to go to the transition area. And hung out. Why I didn't realize I'd be there for at least 4 hours, I'll never know, and thus should've brought more clothes. Ronda and I hung out for awhile, but we left me after an hour or so (her partner was significantly faster than mine). I should've taken a nap or stayed off my feet, but I did neither.

I really wanted to make this race better than the previous day's and it started off amazing! I was fully prepared to hate running until about mile 3, but I was fine. No pain, no sluggishness. Until the stretch of Interstate between Animal Kingdom and The Studios. . . My God was it hot. There was no shade and no characters. It was miserable. I lost it mentally there and I couldn't get it back. While we were in The Studios, I talked to the guy behind me waiting for Mike and Sully. He said he had never seen people run this race so slow before and it was good they were being smart for the heat. That's when I said screw it and stopped running. I knew people were waiting for me at the finish, but I didn't care. It was too hot. Around mile 23 I ran into Ms. Jeannine who walked the last 3 miles with me. We talked and she took my mind off of how much pain I was in. We thought she'd get pulled off the course, but she didn't and thank goodness! I made it!!

 The relay start/finish.

It was a little confusing what you were supposed to do. They had a video that was supposed to show you how to do it, but it was still confusing. A lot of people stopped running when they saw their partner and didn't even go the correct way to get their medals. I'm glad I got to see a few transitions before I went, but it could've been better.

 1st Photo Op and look who it is?! Maleficent!! 
(If you didn't already know, she's my favorite villain. It's on my bucket list to meet her. I don't consider this officially meeting but I do think I'm a step closer to that goal. Pray to the Universe I can go back for the Tower of Terror 10 miler and meet her then!) I thought this was a good sign of an amazing race. Little did I know about the Interstate stretch.

 The lost tourists. They were funny.

 No stopping for Jack Sparrow today! I waited 15 minutes for him yesterday!

 Jiminey Cricket!

 Everest, I'll be back for you in May.
I signed up for the Everest Challenge 5k!


 Dinosaur! Entrance from backstage.

 The beginning of the stretch of death: 
The McDonald's I would go to before/after work.

Dug and Russell from Up! 

 The Boardwalk.

 Me! on my way to the finish line (courtesy of Ronda!)
It was pretty awesome having people in the stands at the finish line.

 Team GD Runners! 
Get your head right, Graphic Design Runners.

 3rd medal of the weekend.

 Fruit Fly and I doing my signature pose!

 Dale was really excited to see himself on the medal.

The End.


  1. That heat was draining! I never got hot until AFTER I was done (Thank you Brian for being so damn fast!!). I was trying to find shade anywhere, I can't imagine being out on that nasty stretch during the heat. I mean NO shade for 13 miles?!?

    You crossing the finish line ... that was so awesome! I felt like a proud mom yelling your name and jumping up and down for you! Congrats!!

  2. It was super miserable. And I was looking over the course map and whatnot, the stretch from Magic to Animal Kingdom looks so long but felt super short. . .the stretch from Animal to The Studios looks so short but felt like forever. They seriously need to put some sort of entertainment out there.

    That was really awesome having people at the finish. Makes it so much better!

  3. I agree! I seriously thought the stretch to DAK was so short! During the long stretch I killed time by texting Brian and removing arm sleeves. That did help a bit. But they did need to toss in another character or something.

    I heard my name yelled at the finish area, too. It seriously got me started crying and really helped me at the end. I'm glad we got to see you and yell your name, too!!