Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Kindrunner.com Custom Fitting Process

The Kindrunner team has been working at a specialty running store for several years and understand how important it is to get the proper advice and expertise when purchasing running products. They also understand how hard it is to find that advice and expertise. Which is why they want to bring the specialty running store to the internet, so that everyone has the opportunity to get expert advice and customer service that every customer deserves.

As soon as I found out kindrunner could do custom fittings, that was my second email to them (after I accepted the ambassadorship!). This was around post-marathon time and I was having lots of trouble running in my Brooks PureFlows for some reason. I decided it would probably be a good plan to check with an expert about what would be another good shoe for me, but I had no idea how to go about it. Luckily, the kindrunner team rocks! KR (kindrunner) asked me to send him a list of my injury history, the type of shoes I was wearing, and a picture of the soles of my used running shoes. 

With that information, amazingly, KR came back to me with what was going on with my body and gave me suggestions for new shoes- ones with more cushion because I definitely needed to add that into my training! I don't like to stray from Brooks, so his suggestion was to try the Brooks Ghost 6s (they had just come out!) or if I wanted to branch to another brand, he gave me a few alternates. If you notice now that the site has launched, on every shoe's specific page there is an Alternative section. It's one of my favorite features.

I really appreciated KR's help and jumped online to get a pair ASAP. Now that I've spent many weeks with mine, I can safely say these are definitely working out well (more on that to come!). As soon as my body gets accustomed to training again, I'd like to incorporate my Flows back in, if only for short runs. They also mentioned switching up your shoes for your different activities is always a good plan.

Admittedly, I experienced the process before the site launched but now it's even easier to get custom fitted by the kindrunner experts. It has it's own tab and a lots of detailed questions. If you're in need of custom fitting, I would definitely suggest using Kindrunner. They make it as easy and simple as possible. Now you don't have an excuse to be training in your old gym shoes!

How did you figure out what running shoe was best for you?

Disclaimer: I am an ambassador for kindrunner.com and will be doing ongoing campaigns with the site. This will include reviews of products and giveaways provided by kindrunner. I will be providing my 100% honest opinion, per usual. 

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