Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dumbo Training week 14

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Chick-boxing and 2M

Wednesday: DMF

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 4M

Sunday: 12.5M 14M

This training season has been action packed with fun cardio-alternatives. I think I'm turning into a convert! The bad news about it is it's also making my plain ol' running route seem too dull to actually do and I still need to keep up with my weekday runs, even if they're not as fun as DMF, Zumba, or Chickboxing. 

Genius struck Saturday and I decided I needed to extend my training to preparing for the entire race weekend- which means, after day 1 of back to backs, instead of taking a nap and laying around all day (which I'm extremely guilty of during training), I needed to go and run errands. This way, I could practice running day 2 on tired legs (because you know I'm not going to spend the day in the hotel after the 10k!) I ended up all over the city and can honestly say, I was fully tuckered out. I even went to bed around 9:30! But I was also getting up at 3:30AM to get the run out of the way early. 

So, how does your scheduled long run go from 12.5 to 14? You decide to mix things up with Gu brain around mile 6 and drastically miscalculate. Once I got into the city, I decided it would be a good idea to run up to Central Park (instead of waiting for another train), see how many miles it was, run the difference in the park and then run back. It was perfect! Then I decided I didn't want to run the Harlem Hill loop. To make up for it, I added a loop around the bridal path. That is where I went wrong; it turned out to be a miserable time. My knees and ITB were not feeling the uneven dirt trail and that's what I get for adding it in the first place! I'm not too worried about it, seeing as I only did 2 miles during the week, but I don't know if I should cut the actual 14miler down to 12(ish) and do a 6 the day before? Either way, I have 2 weeks to decide. 

seen on my run.
I wonder what the message was. I bet it was important.
A few other things to note during this run: 

I accidentally followed Hoda Kotb home as I was running back downtown (in my defense, I didn't know it was her and we just happened to be on the same route)- I feel like I see her every weekend I'm in the park, either running or walking her dog. She seems very personable, and gets bonus points for being a runner. 

Since 12.5 was going to be a long one, I switched back to running in my compression shorts. I can safely say, I did not miss them (note: I haven't worn them since The Princess Half in Feb). I know they do good things for my hips and ITB, but trying to pull them up and down is miserable- even if you're not sweaty! Also, total TMI, I decided to try running sans underwear and I do not know why anyone would want to do that. Ever. I am now chaffed in places I never knew could be chaffed! Pantylines and compression shorts be damned! 

What genius things have you come up with lately?


  1. Nice work! I have to add some more cardio classes into the routine!
    Karen @karenlovestorun

    1. Thanks, Karen! I recommend the cardio classes, they're a good break in your routine.

  2. Awesome job! I've never made it up to 14 miles. I can't seem to push myself past 13 in training.

    1. It was a total accident! haha, oh well, right?

  3. You know I'm a running nerd, but even more I'm a Hoda Kotb fan. Guilty pleasure = The final hour of the Today Show on my days off. Her last small market stop before going to NYC was New Orleans, and I think we all still claim her as one of our own. Now the rumor is that she's being eyed for a co-host slot at The View. Its a dream come true.

    1. When you come in town, I'll show you were she lives ;)

  4. Ha! Totally loved your last paragraph! Putting on anything compression is one of my least favorite things in the world! I have to admit I've run sans underwear a few times and haven't had a problem - it always was not in compression pants or for 14 miles though!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one! For summer training, post-run might be the only way I can stand compression.

      and Good to know. I've done it once before same thing (not compression and not long distance) maybe that's where I went wrong!