Thursday, August 22, 2013

(3 things) life work, User friendliness and my sister rocks

Why is it the week before my scheduled vacay, everything needs to be due?! This is my only vacation this summer! Don't you people know I have procrastinated packing, custom making, and itinerary planning and need to focus on that?! As frustrating as it is, I'm not completely upset about it, because I feel really productive! (If I haven't mentioned this before, I really love what I do) 

Have you ever noticed Macs are completely user-friendly? Until you have to upgrade. It's like we forget that it's supposed to be easy! I bought my new Mac and refused to use it for months, because I knew there was a whole bunch of stuff I was going to have to relearn how to use and I just wasn't ready. I got over my fear (and my attachment issues with my old Mac) and all it right in the world, but yesterday, I defriended Apple for about 5 minutes. I'm still not a total fan of the Photo Library (ps- you need to export your photos to actually back them up), but luckily it was a complete user error and I figured it out. My world is ok now :)

I have the best sister ever and I'm kind of the luckiest person ever. Just saying.

What makes you productive? Are you a Mac fan? Do you think your sibling is awesome? You should tell them! 


  1. My sister and I are BFFs now, but we HATED each other as kids. All the way up until high school. Now, I totally think she's awesome, can't imagine life without her! :)

  2. I love my sister. she's great. Her Birthday was last night.

    I've never used a Mac before.

  3. My sister is pretty amazing. I'm a PC user, so I don't have experience with Macs.